Thursday, July 30, 2009

FFF weekend!

F.F.F. Growing up it stood for "Forced Family Fun". Now that I'm 22 and very very mature it means Family Fun Filled weekend. haha ya i'm a nerd. We had such a good 24th of July weekend! I took Thursday off from work and Shawn and I picked up Payson and Talan and headed up to their little lake. It was SO hot but such a nice day. We had fun building sand castles (Talan was the sand castle monster and loved to destroy them), swimming, laying out and just playing with the boys. Stacey saved the day when she came up late in the afternoon with snow cones for us!

Thursday was also Chris' birthday, so after the lake we hurried home, showered and headed to Shawn's parents for the birthday party. Its always fun when everyone is hanging out. We had a bbq and just relaxed and enjoyed the food and company.

Friday, the 24th, we went up to Deer Creek with all of Shawn's fam + the adopted brother Mark and his wife. We headed up WAY early to save a spot and camped out for a while until it warmed up. The wave runners were out all day long. It was an awesome day!

We headed home and got ready to go out with Chris and Tahnie. We went to the Myan for dinner. K it was cool but way weird. I felt like I was in the middle of the rain forest . . and at any time it could start pouring on me. It even felt like humid. . .and I honestly think I got some bug bites. The divers were cool. . .food was okay. After dinner we walked down to the Real game. First half we thought it was the most boring game ever, then it turned out to be a really close game with lots of goals (can't remember the score). After the game was over we stayed for the fireworks. They were a lot of fun and it was so much fun hanging out with Chris and Tahnie.

At the last minute (Stace I don't plan everything out (:) Shawn and I decided to head down to a cabin in Brianhead where all of my family was. Not just my parents and Spence, BUT THE WHOLE WESTRA FAMILY. The cabin was the kick off to the Westra family reunion for my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary! Most of the family was there. . .I guess just all of the important ones. Other people have showed up later this week. It was a blast though. Lots of little kids running around. The little girl cousins love Shawn, he is so cute with them. We had a good game of Hearts and had a big yummy japanese dish. Shawn ditched out on the Hearts. He doesn't get why its so fun to us. Whatever. . .its just fun all being around a big table laughing and hanging out. Shawn and I went out on for 4 wheeler too!

Sunday we just did some more hanging out. Baby Justin fell asleep on my chest for a good 2 hours. I freaking loved it. We also all went to this little look out place. It was way pretty. . . but not just around the corner. This is what the Westras do. . .they are bossy for one. All "camp directors" AND whenever they want to go some where they always say "oh its so pretty! It won't take long! It's just around the corner" ya freaking right. It usually is pretty. . .but it takes forever and its always far away! haha "stupid" (: Shawn and I had to take off after dinner. We loved hanging out and watching home videos but after 2 days we started to get cabin fever. We had to be back to work and school for monday anyways.

That was our fun family filled weekend. Everyone is still in town for the Reunion so I'm sure I will have a lot to post later. Sorry for the novel! O and I will add pictures tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Love Story Meets Viva La Vida

So my friend showed me this youtube video about a month ago. I thought I would share it. Pretty much i'm obsessed with it! I'm sure the girls at work hate me because I play it a ton during the day! I'm not a huge Taylor Swift or Coldplay fan, but Jon Schmidt is seriously a musical/piano genius. I wish I could play as well as he does. If you have any appreciation for music whatsoever then you will love this song. . .

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Little Lake

Mick told us about this little man made lake right up the street from her house. Shawn and I have been dying to go to the lake and the ocean lately. We decided to check out Mick's little lake and it was so much fun. Perfect for a nice afternoon by the water. Shawn had fun with the boys and we both got a little sunburnt!

Shawn, Talan & Payson

4th of July

Shawn loves the 4th of July. Its like his favorite holiday. June in Utah was horrible. It was so rainy and gross! But the weather on the 4th was great. Shawn played 9 holes with my dad and spencer in the afternoon. My dad is trying to get Shawn ready for the Westra family reunion next week. All the guys will be playing in a golf tournament or something like that. So i'm thinking my dad doesn't want Shawn to embarass him! I know its pretty sad. But Golf in this family is huge. You have no idea.

While the boys were golfing my mom and I got our sun on and went to the pool. When the boys got home we had a little BBQ and then we all went to the Bees game. It would have been fun. . . if it didn't last for 5 hours! It was so long, extra innings and everything. It was fun though, and the fireworks were really good!

The fireworks were worth waiting for! the picture isn't that great though

My dad and mom

Shawn and Me
So Shawn and I were talking on the 4th and we were like "what did we do last year on the 4th?" and then we remembered that we were on our freaking honeymoon in Cancun!!!

This is when we were parasailing, that place is our resort

Our resort. . . wish we could go back there every year on the 4th :(

1 year anniversary!!!

Can you believe I have been married a year??? So crazy! Its funny because when you first get married everyone tells you the first year is the hardest. I really don't think it was that hard. . .old people are liars! We have had a great year. Someone once told us that you are newly weds until you have kids. So I guess we will be newly weds for a while!

Here are some of the things that have happened over the last year of marriage
1. We moved from our ghetto apartment in Midvale to a new/larger apartment in Holladay
2. Shawn is still coaching for Inter FC and loving it! When the boys move up an age group he moves with them, so we have pretty much the same boys/parents. He loves it and the parents "adore" him!
3. Our 5 year plan for having children is now 4 yrs!
4. I moved from doing insurance/billing at Lone Peak Dental to now doing the same thing at Sugarhouse Pediatric Dentistry. It was such a good move for me, and for shawn! I come home a lot happier (: and the Dr I work for is one of the nicest guys ever. I really miss the ladies of LPD but I still talk to them and see them often.
5. Shawn is a lot closer to finishing school! He is graduating this December and is so excited. He is also studying to take the LSAT in October. We will just kinda see how that goes and then go from there.
6. When we first got married Kevin and Chris were on missions. . . now Chris is home. . . and married (weird) and now Curtis is out too! Kevin comes home in 5 months! I'm getting so excited. Curtis is doing great in South Korea. . . kinda scary there
7. Ya i don't really think anything else has really changed. We are doing great and loving the summer time!
We didn't really do anything too crazy for our anniversary. we are poor! During our anniversary weekend we went to movies, did sealings, went to a Real game, went out for sushi a couple of times . . . and some other random stuff (: we had a nice relaxing weekend just being together!

This is us at the Real game. It was a really nice night!

My mom had saved us a slice of our wedding cake! I was expecting it to be disgusting, but it was actually really good. Before we ate it I was trying to remember the flavor and how it tasted, but I couldn't remember at all! How sad is that! I want to do our wedding day all over again! It was so much fun!

New Aunt & Uncle

Shawn and I have a new niece! On June 18 some where around 10 pm Preslie Schneider was born. Mick called and asked if we could pick up their new yorkie Dierks because we told them that when she went into labor we would watch him until she was out of the hospital. I got to the hospital and then Shawn came an hour later after training. We all were just having fun talking in her room and then the doctor told us to go to the waiting room and seriously like 5 seconds (more like 20 min later) we were back in the room saying hi to Preslie!

The boys meeting their new sister!!! They were so cute with her. They are going to be such protective big brothers!

This was a picture taken recently of me and Preslie. We were expecting her to come out with dark hair like Tal, but she has blonde hair and blue eyes and fair skin!

Shawn and I love holding her. . . and then passing her back to Mick when she gets fussy!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Chris & Tahnie's Wedding

Shawn's little brother Chris got married last month. The Blymiller Fam is officially complete! They were supposed to have a backyard wedding, but it got rained out. But Stacey is amazing and did an awesome job decorating the church! I would post pictures of the bride, but their photographer isn't done editing yet I guess? But anyways I hope it turned out good for them, we had a good time!

Everyone minus Kallie and Tahnie

This is a picture of us at the rehearsal dinner the night before!

Baby time?

Baby Justin was born June 5 I believe. He is so cute. Shawn and I were the first people to come and visit him!!! Which is a huge deal because we have so much family around! This is my uncle Todd's baby. We went up to the Heber hospital and spent a good 2-3 hours visiting with Todd and Sharolyn. Their kids werent there and it was the first time that I feel like I was able to have like a grown up adult conversation with my uncle Todd and aunt Sharolyn. They are so cute and we look up to them SO much. They are amazing parents!

I think this is the first time that we actually felt like we really wanted to have kids . . .well I mean have kids sooner than later. But we will see. . .we are still on our 5 year plan (: Anyways Justin is so cute and I hope our kids are as cute and good as Todd and Sharolyns!

We look like pros huh!

Soccer Life

Soccer is a HUGE part of our life! Shawn coaches, and plays, and is now expecting me to play with him in some co-ed team with the parents. . . I'm going to do it. Only because he says i'm a party pooper if I don't. It just really pisses me off though because I want to have something thats like "Ours" not his. Soccer is his thing. . . I want our own thing. When I tell him this he says, well what do you want to be "Our thing". . .so I say come running with me. ONE time he said yes and guess what he did. . . rode behind me on a damn road scooter. That so does not even count. So I will keep you posted how it goes. . .but really we don't have very much time for "our thing". He coaches mon-thurs nights after I get home from work. and then games on sat. . .or weekend tournaments.

I realize i'm complaining a lot. I'm not going to lie, I love his team. The boys are so much fun and the parents are so cute. I just am worried about being soccered out by the time we have kids. maybe our kids will want to play baseball. . .right baby? (shawn is so anti-baseball its absolutely ridiculous!) Oh by the way, the boys have new jerseys that are freaking sick. These are the ugly ones from last season!

Catching up

As most of you know, i've been having major blogging issues. At first I thought I was just blogger retarded, but it turns out (after lots of people logging onto my account trying to help) that I am not retarded. . . and some of my options on my layout disappeared. To make a very long story short, I had to make a whole new blog, transfer the old posts and now you are here reading. . .bloody hell!
I'm going to be posting like crazy over the next few weeks to try to get caught up. I was just going to pick up from today, but i'm told one day I will look back and wonder why I didn't just catch up. . . so I will catch up!
This is our new baby girl Maggie! Maggie Moo Blymiller. She is so freaking cute. We got her in late february/early march. We took a long time looking on KSL trying to find the perfect puppy. When Shawn saw her he was set on meeting her. So we called and they were available so we went and met her. We fell in love with her, but we left and told them that we had other dogs we were supposed to look at too.

After driving away Shawn just looked and me and said, "why do we even have to look at other puppies, I want her". This was a huge shock to me because Shawn was so anti-dog. He was just going along with getting one because he knew its what I really wanted. So. . . we got her and we love her so freaking much!!! She is a lot bigger now, but she looks like a soccer ball, doesn't bark (not even lying) and she loves to snuggle. Shawn coaches a club soccer team, and she is the mascot. I even put a little soccer print bow in her hair for the games!