Friday, July 30, 2010

I woke up craving

Today, all I need is a beach...
It doesn't need to be exotic or tropical
I'm not picky...
All I need is the sand, smell, sounds & ocean breeze.
I don't think that's too much to ask for...
Do you?
I so wish that we could just pack up and drive to the beach.
I wouldn't even mind if it were a couple of hours away...
(sigh) One day!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rick's Birthday Tribute & Park City Tournament

I have been waiting to post about Rick's birthday because I wanted to do special birthday tributes this year for special people...I told Shawn he was in charge of his family...and that's why there has yet to be one for Mickie & Rick. I will just have to do them myself I guess!

Shawn plays in the Park City Tournament every year with his men's league. This year he asked his brother Chris and a couple friends to guest play. It was a lot of fun. The tournament happened to be over Rick's birthday (which I think Shawn & Chris playing soccer together was the best birthday present). On Saturday, July 10 we all went to their afternoon game as a family and then headed to the Homestead, where Rick & Stacey were staying, for a little birthday dinner.

I had fun pushing Kallie & Talan

Payson loved it when I gave him "under doggies" on the swing. I love swinging in the summertime. . .

Everyone hanging out after dinner


After dinner we went swimming. I thought this was a pretty funny picture of Shawn & Preslie.

Rick & Stacey

tRiBuTe To RiCk

Rick is one of the best men I know

he's definitely the most selfless guy around

he will do anything for anyone and not expect anything in return

he is a very hard worker and makes sure his family has everything that they need

Rick is a great Dad & Grampa

he is extremely nonjudgmental

he puts up with all the drama & never complains

he is very easy-going

I'm so lucky to have a father-inlaw like Rick. He really is so great, and there is not one bad thing that I could ever say about him. He has raised an awesome son. Shawn has learned so much from his Dad and I'm so grateful that Shawn has such an awesome Dad to learn from and look up to.


The tournament was July 10 & 11. The guys made it to the semi-finals. I think they had a lot of fun & I know Shawn enjoyed playing with his brother & friends.

Jared Trusell, James, Me, Shawn & Chris

Sunday was the World Cup Finals. In between games we went to a restaurant to watch the game. I found us these sweet seats right in front a TV.

Spain ended up winning the game in overtime. It was a lot of fun to watch. We are very sad that World Cup is over...hopefully next World Cup we will be in Brazil.

I couldn't get a good picture of the guys...they are lame!

I had fun going to all of the guy's games. Shawn says I'm a good wife to tag along and go to all of the games with them...and he's right (; haha All weekend long they had been doing construction in the canyon. It was getting really bad, so Shawn decided to take this random way home. It was pretty intense...dirt roads...angry husband...but really, really, pretty scenery. It reminded me of my childhood going to Mt Rainier.....with out the glacier & river of course. When we were halfway up the mountain we found out that there wasn't any traffic going home the other way. oops!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kevin's Birthday Party & Tribute

July 10 was Kevin's 22nd birthday. Spencer was in Cabo, Kevin had a party with his friends and we were in Park City all weekend at Shawn's soccer tournament...I will post on that & Rick's birthday next...So we celebrated Kevin's birthday last night.
Kevin & Me.
His Birthday dinner was yummy!

Mom, Spencer, Kevin's good friend Justin, Dad & Kevin.

Dad, Spencer & Mom

After dinner we decided to go to Talons for some golf...we actually had a ton of fun!!!

Justin in his 80's attire/mohawk, & Kevin.

Me...golfing in heels...My dad has definitely given up all hope on me. I spend most of the time hitting air or just the very top of the ball.
After the range we decided to have a little mini tournament. My dad & kev were the's team had my mom & Justin. Kevin's team had spencer & me (I was the last to be picked). You had to go through the team kevin would hit, spencer would hit where his ball landed, and then I would hit that. Who ever had the least amount of strokes won.

Our team had a little bad luck...but we won...I think. My dad would tell you that we cheated...who knows?

Kevin way out in the distance looking for my ball...I thought I hit it well?

After golf we headed back home for ice cream cake!

Kevin's Birthday Tribute

Where to start? Kevin is the closest brother in age to me. I think we are only like 21 mo apart. I feel like we have always had a pretty great relationship. He is an awesome brother. I love him so much.

Growing up when we would fight he would say something mean and then just walk away. It drove me nuts! He would always be the last person to say something...but always the first one to apologize. He is very sweet when he wants to be.

Kevin is hilarious. Ever since I can remember he's been poppin' his colla' . . . that just came out of no where, sorry. No, ever since I can remember he has been quoting movies. That kid can see a movie 1 time and have every funny part memorized. It is a talent. Shawn and I try so hard to remember lines so that we can quote them with my brothers and sound cool. It usually doesn't work very well for us.

Kevin is definitely the most stylish of my brothers. Before his mission he was like preppy/skater style. Now he has his own unique european-latin/preppy/urban thing going on. Growing up he would always ask me "Ang does this look good? Ang do my shoes match my shirt?"

He has a "baby" or maybe a couple... they are his Nixon watches. When he left on his mission he sent his favorite one to Scott & Jenn's (the "safe house") just so he would know exactly where it was at all times. Before he left on his mission he actually gave me a Nixon watch for my birthday, I love it.

He might have had the 2nd worse teenage relationship with my having the absolute worst. When Kevin was mad he would just hold all of his feelings inside & give my parents the silent treatment until he would finally explode. When he did explode we were all so shocked that we didn't know what to do! After he got everything out he wouldn't want to talk about it ever again. He has gotten a little better about expressing his feelings...I think. He never told my parents anything that was going on in his life. If you asked him questions about life he would either not respond, or give you short sarcastic answers.

Kevin has always had great taste in music. He is always telling me of new bands to listen to.

Kevin loves to be taken care of by his "mommy". I would say his responsibility level is somewhere in between Curtis & Spencer's. His mission actually made it worse. I don't know how that happened, but it did. He loves having my mom make him breakfast, lunch & dinner. If Kevin is hungry he sits at the bar in the kitchen until my mom asks him if he wants something to eat (kinda like a puppy). Jenn says that when Kevin & Bryce were staying with them she asked Kevin if he wanted an orange. He said, "yeah, but only if you peel it for me. My mom always peels my oranges". Or whenever she would make something he would say "that was good, but my mom's is better". Good luck to his future wife!

Kevin has some of the greatest friends. They are all so much fun, and we love that he shares them with the family. He is a such a great example to his friends. He was the first one to go on a mission and I know that he had a big part giving a lot of his friends a little push to go as well. Most importantly he is an amazing example to Curtis & Spencer.

Kevin succeeds in everything he tries. He came home from his mission this amazing singing, guitarist!

Kevin's is obsessed with the idea of being an uncle. He always asks me if I'm "knocked up" yet. Some Sundays when we do family dinners he says, "it would be so much more fun if you were bringing a baby with you". I hope one day we can make his dreams come true. He will be a great uncle. He is so cute with all of our little cousins. They LOVE him!

Dear WeeWee,
I love you so much,
I hope you have a great year!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fourth of July 2010

We had a good 4th. Nothing too spectacular...we are kinda boring these days! We were wishing we were at Lake Powell or something fun. Maybe next year!

Some things we did during the long holiday weekend...

  • swimming at the Murray pool with Mick's family
  • laid out
  • soccer
  • convinced Shawn to build a fire-pit at his parents
  • lots of smores
  • movies
  • sleep
  • bbq
  • & lots of family!
  • fireworks

Bad picture of us...
Stacey & Preslie

Kevin serenading us...
My parents came over to the Blymillers for smores on Sunday night.

Mickie, Payson & Rick

My Mom & Dad

Me, Preslie & Mick

Shawn & the boys.
Shawn was more excited about the fireworks than the boys!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Eclipse & Jessica's Wedding

My good friend Jessica just got married on July 1st. I'm so excited for her. She is so happy and was the cutest bride. I'm sad that she is moving clear across the country...but she promises to keep in touch and keep us updated thru her blog. We will see about that.

Me. Jess. Brooke.

I met Jess about 4 or 5 years ago working at the depot. We quickly became friends and started taking night classes together at uvsc & slcc. When I had to move out of Brooke's house when I got married I set Jess up with my old room and then her and Brooke became friends. So it's perfect!

We met up with my other great friend Suzy at the reception in Lehi. Suz and I go way back...way back to when I was a freshman and she was a senior and her and her senior possy used to make us carry their bags and water off of the bus. We both played soccer at Lehi. So needless to say we weren't friends in high school. We got reacquainted at the Depot as well. So many fun memories.

Paul & Suzy. They are getting married in October! I can't wait. Please bless Paul and Shawn can be best friends so we can hang out all of the time!

After the reception a group of us headed to Brooke's family's may have heard of it. Emmetts & Ethels. I'm sure you have. It is the best ice cream place in Lehi. I didn't take any pictures but we had lots of fun.
June 30, 2010


We started the night off with dinner at the Thanksgiving Point Cafe for Lindsey's birthday and then we went to see Eclipse. I'm not a big fan of the Twilight movies. I mean I like them...but I don't get super excited or anything. Eclipse was a lot better than the other 2 movies...I thought. It did make me a little excited for the next one. The books were just so much better.