Friday, April 13, 2012

Growing up and getting a job, what a shell shock!

Shawn's Perpective
I have always been a very optimistic and ambitious individual. Now I understand why my parents told me to have a plan b when my soccer ambitions fell up short. I hated hearing it as a kid and never accepted it as a viable outcome, that soccer may not be my career. I am fortunate enough to coach in a club as a part time gig. I love it and it is a passion of mine. There is nothing better than helping a kid gain success in the world's greatest game. I have the greatest joy when I see the smile on the boys faces while they enjoy the jubilation the game has to offer. Not to mention how fun it can be on game days to get those old familiar butterflies I used to get as a player. The game still occupies my mind on most days and helps get me through my adult real life responsibilities. If I could truly have it as a full time career I would jump at the opportunity. I know I would devour every opportunity to grow and develop more as a soccer coach. The problem being is that the bills have to be paid, and there are not many coaches that make enough money. So I am stuck in the daily grind doing work:/

My challenge has been understanding really what I want to do for the rest of my life. When I went to college I had no idea of the vast possibilites of employment that existed. I blame that on our public schooling system, and my lack of exposure to the adult world. I was limited to the jobs my friends and family were exposed to. Growing up in a working class middle america, your vision is enclosed to your surroundings. I freely admit that I was a very naive boy. But how could I know what I didnt know? Being exposed to the world of opportunities in college, my brain is still in somewhat of a system overload. I am always learning about new job markets and career opportunties. I get started on a certain path and have an ADHD moment, when I hear of other paths. I am not seeking any sympathy on my part. I have a descent paying job in one of the worst economic times of U.S. history. I am not in need of empathy. I just feel like maybe there could be more done in our schooling systems to train kids on the many job opportunities. Or maybe I just missed the boat while dreaming of a soccer career?