Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Anniversary to us

June 27 was our 2 year anniversary. Since it was on a Sunday we celebrated on Saturday. We didn't do anything very exciting...we did just go on a cruise last month.

Like lots of couples we went and did Sealings for our anniversary. I love them. We went to the Jordan River Temple. It's not the temple we were married in but that's okay!

It was such a pretty night. We are so lucky to live by gorgeous mountains. I am loving the pretty summer sunsets!

After the Temple we went out for Sushi. . . our fav! We made friends with the sushi roller and he gave us a free roll for our anniversary. We were excited! Sunday we had planned to have a day in but it ended up being such a nice day that we had to get out. We went to my grandparents and borrowed their bikes that had been hanging in their garage for who knows how long. We have been wanting bikes for a long long time. We just took our first ride...can't wait to go on another one! After picking up the bikes we went to my parents for dinner. We celebrated by watching our wedding video. So much fun! It was fun to watch it with Kev since he was on his mission when we got married.

This last year has flown by. I feel so lucky to be married to my best friend!

I have never done a survey on our blog before. . . kinda cheesy. oh well.

Marriage Survey

Shawn Blymiller
2 years!
Well long story...most of you know it. But there was a a little over a year... we knew each other for 2 years.
Salt Lake Temple
haha...uh first time he proposed in a helicopter over Salt Lake City. 2nd time I was supposed to do the proposing. It didn't really work out.
Good question. If you asked my family I'm sure they would say me. I'm sure Shawn would say that I do as well. I just asked him and he said "YOU...DUH!". But I don't know about that. He puts his foot down when he needs to.
1st year I put Shawn through school...and then we both worked. And now he is putting me through school!
No. Some day. Remember how I said we originally had a 5 year plan? I don't know if we will last that long, we are getting anxious. Hopefully we can wait it out through school.
Yes. Our baby girl, Maggie. We love her. She loves Shawn more than's depressing.
A lot. I love being with my husband. My friends get mad at me because I never want to hang out. I try to only plan things with my friends if Shawn is coaching or playing soccer. Does that make me lame? I don't think so. . . With his soccer schedule right now we see each other every evening, most of the day on Fridays, Saturday evenings & all day on Sunday. We don't go like out all of those days...but we are together.
Left side.
Honestly Shawn is awesome at doing the laundry. Actually I always do the washing and Shawn always does the folding. I hate folding!
Me. Shawn won't really even attempt. I think the last time he made dinner was Valentines day a year and a half ago.
Me, Me and Me. Shawn would probably say I'm pyscho. I feel like I have become more of a slob lately now that I'm working and going to school. It sux. I hate going to bed knowing that everything is not perfect. Shawn will help out when I beg him to. Occasionally he will do a quick pick up before I get home. I always love that...but we were just joking that we both can't remember the last time that he cleaned a toilet.
Ya we could never share. His car is disgusting. All of the nasty, sweaty, training gear.
haha...uh YES. We both have our little things that bug us but we do. I love them. . . Shawn is sitting right here and he says he loves my family too.
Well ya. People who say they don't are either pushovers/dead inside or are lying! I feel like we have a very healthy happy marriage though!
Ya...Shawn says I am. Shawn is better than me at pampering.
His pretty blue eyes.
Clean & cook more. Shawn says that he wouldn't change anything about me...I have him trained huh! jk
23. Name a movie that will always remind you of your spouse? probably Blindside, Shawn says Fever Pitch

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dave & Rebekah's Wedding

This last week has been filled with lots of family wedding stuff. My uncle Dave got married & we are so so happy. His wife, Rebekah, is from Utah so the wedding was here. I chose to just post pictures of the reception but there were many wedding events this week. Monday we went to the Stoddard's pool, Tuesday we had the family dinner/picnic (right up the street from our house), Wednesday was the wedding at the Timpanogas Temple. I had a final Wednesday morning and I wasn't even able to make it for the pictures. I was so sad! Thursday was a recovery day & Friday we spent the day at Gary & Julie's condo in Park City.

Me and my cute brothers. Can't wait for Curtis to get home...7 more months! I had no idea that this dress made me look 6 mo pregnant. Wish someone would have told me!

Some of the boys posing. . . Tanner, Vincent, Spencer & Dallin.

The reception was up in Midway at Todd's house. Sharolyn and everyone did such a great job.

Everyone started showing up right at issue...the bride and groom's clothes were missing!!! For some reason they were sent home in my gramma and grampa's car. They were late because they were sent to costco to copy off pictures for the tables. Luckily they were just a little late. It was funny. I would have been freaking out!

My cute parents

Justin & Shawn. Don't you just love those big blue eyes?

Natalie & Emily

Charity, Emily & Tiffany. Tiffany was standing at the entrance greeting everyone. She was so dang cute!

Shawn went with the older kids to the pond for a min. This is Kevin with Chantel.

Dad with Afton. She decided to like him for about 5 minutes. Which was so exciting...but an hour later she hated him.

Natlie & Me

My mom and I were matching. Not on purpose though.

Whole family with the Bride & Groom & Tiffany. Dave's other daughter Natalie was too busy playing.

Shawn & Emily

We are all so excited to have Rebekah officially a part of the family. She is definitely Dave's perfect match. It is pretty hard to find someone as great & nice as Dave. She fits perfectly into his cute little family and he is so lucky to have her...and she is so lucky to have him!!! It was also so much fun to have the whole family in town all week. Got to love weddings!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Busy Weekend

This weekend was filled with lots of fun stuff. Shawn left on Thursday for Boulder Colorado with his older boys for a soccer tournament. We were bummed I couldn't go but I had school on Friday. I decided to stay the weekend at my parents because I didn't want to be home all by myself. Thursday after work I headed out to my parents. My parents were gone for the night. I wanted to hang out with my brothers but they had better things to do so I hung out at my grandparents for a while. They just had all of their flooring redone. It looks great. We watched a little bit of the NBA finals and had some ice cream. It was fun.

Friday I had school during the day. Its weird getting back into the whole school routine. A weird good I guess. I used to hate school. Now I actually prefer school to work. Friday night I headed out to the Schneider's for Preslie's 1st birthday party!

Me & the birthday girl

Pres is such a cute little chunk. She is walking all over the place! It was so hard to pick out a present for her. Way too many fun girly things. I settled on this swimsuit at Nordstrom's that has a built in diaper. The moms that were there shopping were going on and on about them. I can't wait to go shopping for my own babies.

my mom and dad at dinner

On Saturday we pretty much spent the whole morning and early afternoon in the backyard. I washed my car while everyone else weeded (not my weeds anymore). I had plans to go to a couple of weddings that evening but we decided to celebrate Father's Day instead. I wasn't excited to go to the weddings with out Shawn anyway.

The boys took my dad & grampa out for 9 holes. Then we went to Olive Garden for dinner.

Kevin, Spencer & me

After dinner we went to the grocery store to buy stuff for banana splits. They made this cool Rodeo sign out of Coke & Fanta boxes. This is why I love Lehi.

Spencer, Maggie, Me, Kevin & Tanner

We went back home and got a redbox. Tanner & Ashley got into town for Dave's Wedding. They stayed with us.

Maggie playing soccer with Spencer & Tanner

Me & Maggie

Kev tickling Charity

Sunday we all went to church together. Then in the afternoon everyone came over for a big bbq. I should have taken more pictures. Gary & Julie were there, the grandparents, Todd's family and our family. There will be lots of fun family stuff this week for Dave's wedding. I'm excited. . . I also have finals. I'm not excited about that.

This was the longest Shawn and I had ever been a part. I missed him a lot. He stayed very very busy with all of his boys. This is the first tournament that he had taken just a few chaperons and rented 2 big vans. It might be the last. He felt like he was a babysitter for most of the time. He also has lots of funny stories too. On the way home one of the vans broke down for a couple hours. It made the 8 hr drive that much longer. Yuck! I'm glad he is back.

I had a lot of fun hanging out with my family. I felt like I was young again and living back home. It was weird getting ready in my old bathroom and sleeping in my old room (now office). The best part was not having to stress about grown up stuff all weekend. Just little things like not having to cook. I love my family so much!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

We have a new favorite date

ClAsSiC sKaTiNg!!!

We called Mark & Natalie last night to hang out. They suggested going to Classic Skating. I hadn't been there since junior high! I found out that Shawn had his 6th grade birthday party there forever ago...and broke his wrist there one time on a jump. Lots of memories we both forgot about! It's totally not as ghetto as I remember. I think it's been remodeled. Surprisingly we both had so much fun! I could not stop laughing...


You get to choose 2 events for just 8$ We chose skating & jumping. Shawn & Mark had fun racing the obstacle courses. Mark was a freaking monkey!

Shawn & me

It was such a fun night. I want to take Pays & Tal asap!

Friday, June 11, 2010

World Cup!!!

This post is for my husband.......

The 2010 WoRlD cUp has officially began!!!

My husband is oh so excited. It's actually pretty cute. He is like a little boy in a candy shop. And some of the excitement has rubbed off on me. He has watched all of the "friendlies" up to the tournament...not matter what time of day. He has been counting down for the longest time. And now it's finally here!!!

All I know is that David Beckham is out and he has been replaced in my heart by my new favorite USA hottie Edson Buddle. So at least I have something to be excited about right? Jk. I really do love soccer ( I have to love it to be married to my husband ).

Thats Buddle holding Beckham back. . .

The big game will be tomorrow. USA vs England. Shawn would normally be training his 2 teams tomorrow so he has decided that they will instead have a big party to watch the game. I'm sure it will be a blast!

We just wish that we were in Africa right watch some amazing soccer and to steal some of their cute babies!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer Nights!

Summer nights are finally here! It took way too long. I'm so excited.

Brandyn built a fire-pit in their back yard. Shawn and I went and roasted some 'mallows on Saturday night. I was seriously looking forward to it all day. I love smores & campfires...just not camping. Sidenote: The Blymillers have a yummy twist to their smores. They put the marshmallow in between 2 Keebler cookies. I like to put mine with a reeses peanut butter cup and graham crackers.

How cute is this picture? Preslie snugglin' up with her uncle Shawn.

I heard that my husband had never had a banana boat so I bought all of the stuff to make them. They turned out really yummy!

Pays, Stace & Mick

Rick, Brandyn & Tal

I love Summertime!!!!!

Yesterday we went to my Mom's for a little bbq. My Dad & Spencer are in Seattle so it was just us with my mom & Kevin. It was such a nice relaxing day! My mom made a yummy lunch, we watched Seven Pounds, a couple episodes of Community, had fun catching up with Kevin (they all just got back from a trip to AZ and his gf Chantel with with them) & we went on a nice summer walk. It was SOOO hot out! It's crazy how it went from snow to really hot, all in like 10 days.

I wish I had my camera yesterday. I forgot it. But on our walk we went to the pond by my parents. Kevin saved this poor little fish that surely would have died with out being rescued. We went on this little trail thru the woods...that lasted like 20 seconds before Shawn started weezing from allergies and we heard a beehive. We took Maggie on the walk with us. She was so funny...stopping in every little patch of shade she could find.

Anyways...Love Summer!