Friday, August 28, 2009

Gma & Gpa Routson's 50th Wedding Anniversary Reunion

So we got back on Monday from California where we celebrated my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary on the Routson side. Its so crazy that both sets of my grandparents celebrated this the same summer. . . and same month! I'm so lucky to have awesome grandparents to look up to. What a huge accomplishment. . .50 years!!! Wow. I hope that Shawn and I are able to share our 50th with all of our kids and grandkids one day.

We went down a couple days early before the reunion to go to the ocean. I have been craving the ocean ALL summer! I love it. I could sit and relax on the beach all day, every day of my life. This picture is of Shawn and me at Newport beach.

However Shawn can't sit on the beach all day.
He has to be doing something!!! This is a picture of Shawn
playing some golf on the beach. . . he was playing with Spenc

The second day of the beach was a lot more entertaining
for Shawn. My uncle Todd was in town
the same week so we met up with them at the beach.
It was a blast!!! You all know how much we love
these kids! Above is a picture of the "girls" sand castle.
It was built by me, Charity and Emily.
Apparently it wasn't good enough. Todd called it
the "maids quarters".

This is the beginning part of the "Real" sand castle.
Shawn, Brendon, Me, Charity, Dallin & Todd

Twirling in the sand with Charity at the end of the day!

Hanging in the shade with baby Justin

Later that night we went to Todd and Sharolyn's
Condo they were staying at and had a BBQ.
Lots of fun. Shawn with Justin and Charity.

I would have more pictures of the Reunion part. . .which was in Palm Springs. But I dropped my camera in the sand and it stopped working. I will have to get pictures from my mom. Here are some of the highlights from the Routson Reunion

My cousins Marcus, Denny, Langley & Lori

My fam

Shawn with my little cousin Keaton @ Knots Soak city

Some of the Routson fam getting ready for the slideshow

1. Seeing all the family!!!

2. Going on a scavenger hunt (to find little things that represented my grandparents 50 years together)
3. Chimichangas & Tostadas

4. Pool

5. Aunts & Uncles and Cousins

6. Shawn had a blast golfing with the guys. He did much better this time, and he said he owes it all to my uncle Tyce. (who is much more patient than my Dad)

7. Morning walk with the girls while boys were out

8. Knots Soak City!!! So much fun!

We had a blast. . . Shawn had issues with every minute of every day being planned out. . . I told him that thats just how our family reunions are! haha he got over it and we all had a lot of fun! Love you family!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm Officially Old . . .

I suck at life. . .and I'm a little depressed about it. I have had a lot of headaches recently so I decided to go to the optometrist. In high school I had like amazing superman vision. Now that I'm 22 my vision has decreased considerably and now I need old people glasses and contacts. I tried on a million pairs of glasses (while Shawn just sat there and laughed at how dumb I looked). Ever since we moved from Seattle I have always HATED how bright it is here. . . because there aren't any trees to block any of the sun. Its just wide open bright space to me. Because of this I wear sunglasses year round. . . especially in the winter when there is snow everywhere and the sky is clear and the sun is reflecting off the snow. Anyways . . . . . . . . . . . (11dots) I'm old, my eyes have astigmatisms, I wear contacts that take me 15 min to put in, I have grandma glasses, and I hate it.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Wrapping up 50th Anniversary!

I have been procrastinating this post because I have already written so much about the reunion. But i'm using my blog as a journal/diary thing so I guess I need to finish. Friday was the big 50th Celebration. We all met up in Provo Canyon at Vivian park for family pictures. Then we ate dinner and got ready for the party. I wasn't that helpful. . . I was playing with the babies. It was a lot of fun. Everyone put a lot of work into it and I think my grandparents loved it! There were a lot of my grandparents friends and family there and a lot of people said a little special something to them after all the kids had their turn sharing memories.

My gma and gpa on their wedding day

family and friends watching the little presentation
Lets see, Saturday morning the boys had a golf tournament. They were all competing for my gpa's legendary putter. This was Shawn's first time playing 18 holes. He did okay, my uncles weren't too hard on him (: I'm sure he will get better with time. . . My dad ended up winning (no one else had a chance, he shot like a 77). No one ended up with the putter. . . gpa said he will bury it with him when he dies. haha

Later that afternoon my mom and I met up with everyone at the Stoddard's pool. Their pool is always a blast. My dad warned me to not wear a 2 piece. . . but since when do I listen to him? haha. All I heard from my aunts and uncles "Angela, you should be setting a good example for your younger cousins who look up to you. If you were a young womens leader would you teach them to wear bikinis?". Listen. . . here is MY opinion. I wouldn't tell them what they can and can't wear. I would advise them to be modest. And what will I do when I have a daughter? I would say, "if you are going to be out with your friends/guys wear a modest swimsuit. If you are just out with your family or EXTENDED family who cares. Get a good tan, your family shouldn't judge you!" I will wear a bikini as long as I can. Thats just what I think, Shawn says anyone who gives me crap is just jealous.

Saturday night was the talent show. I thought it was going to be lame, but it was my favorite part of the whole reunion. So much fun! Ash and I did an Backstreet Boys dance 10 years ago at a reunion. . . and no one lets us live it down. We have it video taped and we watch it when we all get together. SO THIS YEAR we decided to do a remake. Ash and I remembered the moves like it was yesterday. . . just came naturally. We had all the little girl cousins dance behind us. They were so cute and tried to do exactly what we were doing. haha it was hilarious though. we had everyone laughing pretty hard! What a fun night!!!

Sunday. . . most of the fam had to leave. Todd and Sharolyn blessed Justin and Shawn and I were able to make it. I LOVE THOSE KIDS. Lots of yummy food. Sad to say goodbye to everyone. We all had such a blast! Thanks to all of my family, love you all so much!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

More Family Fun

Thursday was another big family day. There have been Westra Family activies going on every day during the day this week, but unfortunately I had to miss out so I could work. I joined up with them after work though. During my lunch on thursday Shawn's favorite uncle Brent and his wife Linda, and daughter Janelle, met me for lunch at Olive Garden. It was fun getting to know them and I know why they are Shawn's favorite. Shawn looks so much like Brent its crazy!

Shawn, me, Brent & Linda

Janelle, Me and Shawn

Later that night all of the adults went to Tucanos for dinner. Good thing we are all meat lovers. . .not so much Jenn though. We all ate WAY too much! After dinner we did a little bit of shopping at the Gateway to burn off some calories.

My Grandma and Me

Me and my cute Grandpa

Scott and Jenn

My Great Aunts, Janet & Dorine

Sharolyn, Todd & Jeff

Dad & Jenn