Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Graduation time!

I cannot believe that this day is finally here.  The day where I no longer have school!  It has been the craziest last few years, almost 3 years.  Something like 1004 days or something?  I'm not positive.  Something like 11 quarters/terms?  and 22 modules? Anyone counting? ... because I'm not positive.  Like 44 classes and 155 credits? and over 1000 clinical hours?  Yah, those are all pretty exact.  
 Could not have made it through school with out my BFF hygiene friend Chandra.  Seriously love her so much. & then there is crazy professor Strasser pictured behind her.  I have a sticky note with a smiley face that she gave to me in the first module of clinic.  It was seriously the best thing that happened to me all module in clinic...that's how awful clinic was in the beginning.  
 So much time spent in this clinic.  So much stress.  I am very proud to say that I never once shed a tear in school.  Out of school?  Yes! I don't judge any of the girls who did...I am just so surprised that it never managed to happen to me.  Clinic was crazy!
 On my last day of school Shawn brought me home a card with flowers and Reeses Eggs.  So nice of him.  I should be getting him a huge present for supporting me and dealing with me through hygiene school.  He has been amazing the whole time...EXCEPT for when he had to be my patient. Biggest freaking baby.  
 Top Row: Kenalee, Kim, Kenzie & Chelsea
Middle Row: Prof Hemsley, Bobi, Lisa, Chandra, Leslie, Brittney, Amy, Rachel, Amanda, Prof. Anderson, Strasser, Dr. Johns, Sheila & Dr. Hyatt
Bottom Row: Prof. Lopez, myself, Veronica
 Graduation night we had a fun dinner at The Gathering Place at Gardner Village (where we had our wedding dinner).  
We have all been through so much together.  We all became pretty close!  Lower right: Veronica and I were wearing the same maternity dress.  Gotta love Target!
 See that award in the upper right?  I was given the award of "most likely to use an unnecessary amount of disinfectant".  Now does that sound like me?  haha.  In the end I ended up buying my own disinfectant so that I could wipe down the tables before class.  
 Me & Cha-nay-nay
 Top: Chandra and I with one of our favorite instructors, Professor Strasser.  She was one of the only ones who was with us from the very beginning.  She taught us so much, and she made clinic fun whenever she was  my instructor for the day. 
Bottom: Sheila in tears over seeing her two favorite students leaving her.  She was the clinic manager...for some reason everyone is scared of her.  Chandra and I love her!  She cared about us and made sure we were always doing okay. 
 Taking the dental hygiene oath...
Setting off our lanterns.  Shawn & Mike were pretty sure that we were going to start a fire.  
It was a fun night!  

So happy that school is finally over, and could not be more excited for this next chapter in our life!

January- Baby shower month!

I told everyone that I really wanted to wait until I took my last board exam to do any baby showers.  It kind of made it crazy because they all came at once, but it was so much fun!
How far along? 34 weeks
Current weight: 129 + 24lbs
Maternity clothes? I'm still able to button my stretchy skinny jeans, and then I wear a lot of leggings still!
Stretch marks? nope
Sleep?  Not so much...
Name? We have 2 names that we love.  We really want to see her first.  It's funny because people don't believe us when we say that we haven't decided yet.  They think we just don't want to tell them!  When we do tell them the 2 names we like, people either say "oh they are both beautiful" or they give their input on which one they prefer and then tell us why they don't like the other.  It's really annoying.  
Miss anything? everything!  Jk, I've really had such a great pregnancy and feel so lucky.  
Movement? of course!
Food Cravings? Einsteins
Rings? on
Symptoms: I had my first real contractions. They hurt, but never got worse.  Kinda scary...Shawn and I kind of freaked out because we don't even have a car seat yet!
Looking forward to: First baby shower!

I took my last board exam on Jan 5th!  Such a crazy ridiculous test.  I had no clue if I passed or failed.  Results came at the end of the month in the mail. 
 Headbands and more headbands!
 How far along? 35 weeks
Current weight: 130!!! yikes! +25lbs
Maternity clothes? yes and no
Stretch marks? not any yet, fingers crossed 
Sleep?  Still wake up every night from like 2-5
Movement? Feeling very very uncomfortable!
Rings? On
Mood: So happy that boards are over with!  Just focusing on graduating now!  
Symptoms? I never thought this day would come, but my belly button is completely flat!
Looking forward to: having this baby!  & weekly appointments will be great. 

The first shower was my family shower + some friends. It was a crazy, loud, fun time. My mom hung up baby clothes of mine and then also cute baby pictures.  Everything was so cute and it was so much fun to see everyone.  I'm waiting for some pictures to be sent to me for a lot of the showers, I will post more later!
 From the family shower we got spoiled with a ton of clothes!!!
 Just some pictures that I found from looking at the picture album of my first year.  My cute uncle Johnny.  Crazy to think that he already knows my baby girl!
 Working hard on decor for the nursery!
 The next shower was the school friends!  Chandra worked so hard and it turned out so so cute!  
We did a 2 in 1 shower with Veronica who is due just 6 weeks behind me with a baby boy. 
 Cute cupcakes with my nursery colors...turquoise  & coral!
 Chandra. Chelsea. Lisa.
Chandra. Me. Veronica.
 How far along? 36weeks 
Current weight: 128 + 23lbs  Somehow managed to lose 2 lbs this week?
Maternity clothes? yes & no
Stretch marks? not yet
Sleep?  ugh, not very well at all!  Pinterest & instagram are my best friends in the middle of the night.  Doterra Deep Blue rub is also one of my best friends.  Love that stuff. 
Miss anything? Really missing being able to go to the gym and work up a good sweat!  I try to do yoga a few times a week...but its not the same. 
Movement? I think she is getting pretty squished!  Her movements aren't so much jabs and kicks anymore, they are more like rolls and slow movements. 
Food Cravings? Mini cadbury eggs season is here! wahooo
Rings? On
Mood?  I've been pretty emotional lately, more so than normal!
Looking forward to? Graduation.
Just a baby bump picture where baby girl is doing something to make my stomach lopsided. 
3rd shower was given by the soccer moms, Jill & Kioko.  It was so much fun!  Kioko made the best food, of course.  It's off season right now and I don't get to see any of the boys or parents so it was fun to catch up with them.  A lot of the boys came and hung out too, which was fun because Shawn was invited to stay too.  He was a bit skeptical at first, but ended up having a lot of fun!  It was also fun to see a few of the soccer moms from older teams that Shawn doesn't coach anymore.  Shawn's parents have always been so supportive of him and of us.  We were so spoiled!!! 
 Later that day, after the soccer mom shower we had Shawn's family shower.  Shawn had so much fun at the soccer mom shower that he decided to hang out at this one too(:  Mickie spent a month with the kids in california visiting Brandyn at work so she wasn't able to make it.  I know she wanted to!  Bre & Stacey did a great job with all of the food and decorations.  It was fun to see all of Shawn's family and family friends.  We got lots of fun "essential" items, seriously we got hooked up with all of the showers!  
 How far along? 37 weeks
Current weight: 130 +25 lbs
Sleep?  Not getting any better, but not getting any worse. 
Movement? yes and yes.  
Food Cravings? Not anything specific this week!
Showing yet? Well yes!
Rings? on
Symptoms? At my Doc's appointments he is always surprised at how low she is.  He has said a few times at how uncomfortable I must be...but I'm feeling pretty good!  By then end of a clinic day I "waddle" a lot  Her head is down and ready to go.  No dilation yet though!
 Just a sunday dinner with the brothers and husband.  It's so much fun to have Curtis and Spencer home from school.  Sunday dinners are SO MUCH more entertaining.  Lots of laughs.  My parents decided to go to Seattle for like 3 weeks...bad timing with the baby coming!!! Guess it was okay because she didn't decide to come early. 
So everyone had received their National Written Exam scores but me and Chandra...that's because we are procrastinators and took it in January when everyone else took it before Christmas.  We decided that we wanted to study over Christmas break...we don't have any kids so it wasn't that big of a deal to us.  Anyway, at the end of the month we finally got our results! This one came in the mail, just a little piece of paper saying PASS !  Wish we could know our score, oh well!  Feels so good to be all done with Boards!!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

December Madness

December was another crazy stressful month.  Clinical Board exams were probably the most stressful thing that I have ever gone through in my entire life. I pretty much have blocked them all out.  I found out about 5 days after taking written anesthesia that I had passed, then also that I had passed POC!  
 So the best part of December for a fat pregnant girl?  Reeses Cadbury chocolates and Reeses Christmas Trees.  yum yum!!!
How far along? 29 weeks
Current weight: 124 + 19lbs
Maternity clothes? Up til now I've been able to wear mostly just my normal skinny stretchy jeans.  I'm lucky because during the week pretty much all I wear are scrubs, then when I come home I wear sweats.  On the weekends I either wear jeans with a bella band or leggings.  I have a few maternity shirts that I like to wear...with long cardigans. I really dont want to buy maternity clothes!
Stretch marks? None
Sleep:  Sleeping okay
Miss anything? Sleeping on my stomach!
Movement? lots and lots of movement.  Starting to really feel her kicking my ribs. Kind of uncomfortable, but love it at the same time. 
Food Cravings? Of course Cadbury holiday ornaments!
Food Aversions? Still mexican food
Showing yet? Definitely
Mood:  I'm happy most of the time, but I have major mood swings.  I cry a lot...pregnancy + hormones + studying for boards and preparing for clinicals is ridiculous. 
 How far along? 30 weeks
Current weight: 124 +19lbs
Maternity clothes? mixture
Stretch marks? Not yet
Miss anything? Normal life! haha
Movement? lots and lots.  I love it.  She is especially active in the morning and at night
Food Cravings? Nothing, I have been so sick!
Symptoms? I have been throwing up everything that I eat this week.  Seriously can't even keep crackers down.  I thought it might be the flu thats going around, but I don't feel sick until after I eat.  It comes on so fast. 
Rings? Still on.  It has been so cold lately that all of my rings are extra loose. 
Mid December we finally took our clinical exams.  On the 12th we took our anesthesia exam.  We were required to give an IA and a PSA.  Chandra and I were each other's patients.  It worked out perfect.  This was probably the test that I was most worried about.  I was so scared that I was going to be shaking so so so bad.  Luckily...thankfully...everything went well.  I gave the IA and everything went perfectly (even after I contacted bone on chandra every time that we had practiced).  Then on the PSA everything went great.  When I went to go put my PSA syringe back I looked over at my IA syringe and noticed that there was blood in the cartridge.  I panicked!  I had stated earlier that there was a negative aspiration...so when I noticed this I just told the examiners that I must've had a positive aspiration while withdrawing from the IA.  They looked at each other and said that they would be back in a few minutes.  I was freaking out!  I was sure I had failed because of the blood in the cartridge.  They came back and told me to clean up...which made me even more freaked out that they didn't ask to see me do anything again.  ugh!  By the time I cleaned my room and made it back to the waiting area I picked up my folder and there was a purple passing paper!  yay!!!  I was SO RELIEVED!  

The next day we had our Clinical exam for periodontal scaling and root planing.  I was extremely lucky because my patient was a caucasian female who spoke english.  Most of the girls were not so lucky to find someone that they could communicate with so easily.  I was able to get a good nights sleep.  I was mostly so worried that my patient wouldn't qualify.  You have to have a very specific type of patient with a certain amount of "clicks" of calculus on certain teeth etc.  Tons of crazy factors go into it. Chandra and I met up with our patients and we all drove down to UCDH in orem together.  We both had the same check-in time.  My patient passed with the first submission.  This was a huge relief.  This meant I only had to clean one quad.  After I anesthetized my patient the 2 hours went by so so fast.  It was the fastest 2 hours of my life. The suctions were awful, the ultrasonics were the most old fashioned ghetto things I had every seen.  I was mostly worried about tissue trauma, because my patients tissues were so inflamed that once I removed the calculus underneath of them they were pretty much just flapping in the wind.  I noted this before my patient went in for the inital exam, and then again when I sent her back for her final check.  

I cut the time so close, she was almost late.  I pretty much had her run down the hall.  Right before I was about to have her checked I asked her if she was still numb, and she said she wanted to be re-injected again before the examiners did their check.  I barely had time!  After I sent her I cleaned my room and waited for what seemed like forever.  She came out and said that they went so fast checking her and that everything seemed fine.  Then the waiting began.  I think we found out after a week if we had passed.  When I got the email saying that the results were in I started shaking!  It is the scariest thing ever. You spend over $1500 on this one test and if you don't pass you have to pay it all over again, find a new patient all over again, and go out of state!  I opened the email and couldn't believe it when I saw the "100".  I kept refreshing it because I didn't think there was any way that I could've received a perfect score.  ahhhhh such an amazing feeling!

Once clinicals were over I pretty much checked out from school, mentally.  I should've been focusing on our national written exam, but I wanted to just relax a little and start getting the nursery ready!
 Remember how I got an armoire and crib for $180?  Well one of the soccer moms wanted to give us their old crib so that I didn't have to paint the one that I had bought.  So nice of her.  The crib is beautiful too! It was a little difficult for Shawn to put together...caught him kicking the crib at one time and I flipped!  
 How far along? 31 weeks
Current weight: 125 +20 lbs! yikes
Maternity clothes? Mixture.  My mom bought me my first pair of maternity jeans this week.  Excited to have a pair, but not sure how I feel about the huge panel weird thing!
Stretch marks? Not yet
Sleep:  Sleeping a lot better now that boards are almost over with
Movement? yes, my ribs are so sore!  
Food Cravings?  Not much, mostly just einstein Bagels 
Symptoms? I still have been throwing up mostly everything.  It's getting a little better though.  I think she may have dropped a little bit.  Seriously I think she was just kicking all of the food out of me!
 I spent a lot of the Christmas break making headbands and shopping online for good deals for baby girl!
Headbands are so fun to make! 
 How far along? 32 weeks
Current weight: 127 + 22 lbs
Maternity clothes? still just a wearing mostly leggings, and cardigans.
Stretch marks? Nope.  I've been good at making sure to use my coco butter every day.  
Movement? she has moved down quite a bit.  Still up in my ribs a lot, but it doesn't hurt as much as it did before. 
Food Cravings? Peppermint ice cream with hot fudge. 
Showing yet? feeling huge!
Rings? Still on.  I am starting to feel a little puffy, but mostly just in my cheeks! 
 Christmas was pretty low-key this year.  It was my parents year for christmas eve/sleepover.  We all wrote down on a piece of paper what we wanted to do that night and then drew things from a hat.  First thing was poker.  It was my first time ever playing and I even won a few hands. hands? rounds?  IDK.  

Anyway, then someone put in to play stupid settler's of catan.  I hate hate hate that game.  It took up the rest of the night and I was not happy.  I was pretty upset that my paper was never drawn, headband making with the boys would've been great (:
 Christmas morning we woke up and had a yummy breakfast and then opened presents. 
 We headed home before noon to shower and relax a little bit before heading over to the Blymillers.  We got here at about 2:00 and hung out for a bit.  We wanted to make sure we were there for Chris' big proposal to Bre!!!
 The first time we met Bre was on Stacey's birthday on November 3.  On Christmas day Chris proposed...crazy!!!  We are so happy that Chris is happy.  We have gotten to know Bre a lot better since Christmas and the more we get to know her the more we love her.  
 The rest of the afternoon/evening was spent eating, opening presents and quality family time. 
 I was so excited when we hit the 50 day mark.  This pregnancy has gone by so fast!!!
How far along? 33 weeks
Current weight: 128 +23 lbs
Sleep:  Sleep is getting worse.  I seem to always wake up between 2-3 every morning and am usually up for a few hours. 
Movement? yes, yes
Food Cravings? not really anything specific this week
Food Aversions? so anti-mexican it's ridiculous
Showing yet? She is getting so big!
Symptoms? I have not had any heartburn my whole pregnancy!  I am worried that this is a sign that she wont have any hair!!!

We have been slowly getting a little bit done in the nursery.  My mom and Curtis surprised me one day and came and started painting the armoire.  So nice of them!  Especially since we hadn't really been able to do anything except for put the crib together.  My mom and I finished painting it turquoise, and then with the help of my aunt Allison who was in town from California we distressed it and then I used danish oil to stain it a little bit.  I love how it turned out!!!

November Re-cap

November was a crazy month for us.  I was pretty overwhelmed studying or board exams and preparing for clinicals. 

 How far along? 25 weeks
Current weight: 120! +15lbs
Cravings: Routson family fudge.  I have made a lot of batches of fudge this holiday season!
Miss anything? I feel so torn.  I feel like I need to be studying for Board exams, but I also feel like I'm missing out on preparing for the baby.  I want to be doing baby stuff when I get home, instead I have to study. 
Symptoms: Normal stuff. I have been pretty lucky!
Food aversions: Not so much
Sleep:  Not too bad. 
Looking forward to: Thanksgiving break!

My mom graduated in November, from Provo College in Graphic Design!  Yay!  So proud of her for going back to school and finishing.  Yet another person to start school after me and to finish before me!!! Hate hygiene school!
We all went to Olive Garden to celebrate. 
Shawn developed another cyst on the bottom of his foot.  This time the specialist said that he needed to stay in a boot for a while...Shawn was not happy about it!!!
It was pretty gross though, looked painful once it was all stitched up.
How far along? 26 weeks
Current weight: 120 +15lbs
Cravings: Symphony Chocolate bars!!! yummm, love the ones with toffee
Miss anything? oh ya know...all of the same stuff. 
Symptoms: I have been feeling pretty sick this week, sore throat/cold.
Food aversions: Nothing really sounds good 
Sleep:  Getting worse, but it could be because of my first board exam coming up. 
Looking forward to: Getting Anesthesia written board exam over with, and Shawns birthday!

Shawn turned 29.  Can't believe he will soon be 30.  I feel so bad because my first board exam was the day after Shawn's birthday.  I was so stressed that I told him we would have to celebrate his birthday after my test.  Poor guy.  Of course he was super great, and didn't mind at all.  
After my exam on saturday Shawn had said that he wanted to go to Bonzai for his birthday dinner.  It was great(:  We also celebrated my mom and Shawns birthday the following sunday.  Shawn was such a good sport to not make a huge deal about me pretty much skipping his birthday this year.  He is so great, and I am so lucky to have him.

How far along? 27 weeks
Current weight: 122 +17 lbs
Cravings: Rubios fish tacos.  Love those things!!! 
Sleep: not so much
Looking forward to: Getting my first board exam over with!!! I have been studying non-stop this week.  Seriously spend every hour not at school/work studying.

How far along? 28 weeks
Current weight: 123 +18 lbs
Cravings: Not really anything, never hungry lately.  I get full so fast these days.
Miss anything? Being able to eat without feeling so full after!
Sleep: Sleeping much better now that my first board exam is over with.  Now just preparing for one more before the thanksgiving break. 
Rings:  Definitely still on
Looking forward to: San Diego
This Thanksgiving Shawn's boys had a tournament in San Diego.  Flights were ridiculously expensive over the holiday so we decided to rent a car and drive.  Wasn't the most pleasant thing for a 6 month pregnant woman, but not the worst thing ever.  After my Process of Care board exam on Wednesday morning we headed to Vegas and stayed the night with Scott and Jenn.  It's always so fun to see them and their cute kids.

We decided not to stick around Vegas for Thanksgiving dinner because we wanted to get on the road and just get to the hotel.  We stopped at Peggy Sues Diner for our "thanksgiving dinner".  To be honest, neither of us are really Thanksgiving dinner Turkey fans.  I got a sandwich and so did Shawn.  Seriously the milkshake there was amazing!!!  Fun little atmosphere too.
 We got to stay at the Torrey Pines Hilton.  It was amazing. Soccer tournaments are always go go go.  Not really very much time to sit and relax.  The weather was kinda cold, but it was much warmer than home!  I even got a little sunburned at the first game...before the fog decided to set in the for the rest of the weekend.
 Shawn's boys ended up winning the tournament, despite some crazy intense injuries.  
Of course the boys had to soak Shawn with water bottles before the picture.
Also in November, we took Kevin to his first Real game...it was an intense playoff game too.  Shawn's boss gave us his seats (love it when this happens because we get free concessions...oh and of course good seats). It was a fun game, but we lost!  Kevin was fun and Shawn was surprised at how into it he was.
Just one of the many batches of fudge that I made in November.  Love fudge!!!