Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pet Peeves

I really miss blogging.  One day I will catch up...or maybe I wont.  I have a feeling that I'll be around a lot more in the near future.

We went to Cabo earlier this month.  It was amazing...but I will post about that another day.  On to more important things, pet peeves.  A lot of things bug me.  I try to be an optimistic, up beat person...but I don't know if that's really me.

Angela's Pet Peeves
This is definitely not all of my pet peeves, just some that have been really bugging me as of late.  They are in no particular order.  I'm sure I will offend someone, I'm sorry. 

  • Loose and Lose.  Get it right people!!! They are two completely different words! "You have a loose tooth".  Or, "you have a screw loose".  & then there is the word "lose".  "You will lose the game".  I hate it when people get this wrong.  
  •  The posting of a huge album of bridal pictures on facebook, or blogs, or instagram or any other social media BEFORE the wedding.  Um duh???  You just gave everything away.  Now I already know what you are going to look like, so why should I go to your wedding now?  You ruined everything! 
  • I hate it when someone honks or yells at you while they are driving, when they THINK that you made a driving error...but you really didn't! And you try to give them that look that says "Um, hello!  I didn't do anything wrong!!!"  but they dont get it.  Example:  While driving in the walmart parking lot this week I went straight through an intersection and did not stop because I DID NOT have a stop sign.  The old man to the left of me, who was sitting at a stop sign, started honking at me.  It's so frustrating to not be able to tell them that they are wrong!!!
  •   Europeans announcing American soccer games.  Some are okay, but I hate most of them.  It's like we get all of the rejects who couldn't make it big in Europe...and then we American's hire them because we figure that if they are from Europe then they must know what they are talking about when it comes to soccer.
  • MMK this is probably going to be the most controversial.   I am all for immigration.  I love all people.  What I cannot stand is when these immigrants have been raised in the US for most, if not all of their lives, and are US citizens go to a soccer game and cheer for the Hispanic team.  Ex:  Real vs Monterrery in the 2011 CONCACAF.  There were more Hispanic fans than American fans. RIDICULOUS!  So crazy to me how they can be cheering for RSL one week, and then the next week they decide to cheer for the team from Mexico.  Um, did they not leave that country for a reason?  Wouldn't you have some pride for the country that is giving you freedom and opportunity?  So confusing to me. 
  • When people use the word "Caca" when talking to babies, toddlers, or kids.  So weird.  Why not just use the words gross?  Why are you trying to confuse them by teaching them ONE word of spanish?

  • Facebook posts one minute about how someone is so depressed or is so miserable.  Oh wait!!!  Next post is about how great and wonderful their life is! So happy that your life just changed in a matter of minutes.  
  •  When overweight people tell me that I'm not eating healthy.  Self explanatory. 
  • Racist people.  It's just ridiculous. 
  •  Slow drivers in the fast lane
  • Long fingernails on guys.  This is what it looks like to me: 
  • "Me Monsters" that are over the age of 30.  Lets face it.  You expect kids and teenagers to constantly be talking about themselves.  20 year olds don't really have an excuse...other than we are in the prime of our lives and have awesome stuff going on.  Once you hit 30 it is really time to grow up! 
  • Even amounts of punctuation.  !!! ... ???  Odd numbers are visually pleasing.  Don't even think about texting me with even amounts of punctuation.  I will re-type your message and send it back to you using odd amounts.....or I will be too embarrassed and will type it up just so that I can see it the correct way, and then not send it. 
That's all I can think about for now.  Good day.