Thursday, September 18, 2008


So any one who knows my dad, knows that he is a huge golfer. My brothers all golf, my grandpas on both sides golf, my uncles, EVERYONE. My dad decided that since Shawn is officially part of the family he now had to learn how to golf. We went with my parents to Talons Cover Golf Course (where my brothers have all worked) and my dad taught Shawn how to golf. We started at the range and ended up playing a couple holes. He picked it up way quick and I'm pretty sure my dad was impressed. I ended up with a huge blister on my hand, and I might have smashed a couple clubs into the ground, (you can tell how frustrated I was in the picture) but it was a fun night. Good luck to Shawn trying to beat my dad the rest of his life!!! (:

Thursday, September 11, 2008

1st post ever ! ! !

So everyone has been bugging me to post. . . i'm sorry i just have been taking my time trying to figure out this blogger thing!!!

I finally have all my edited wedding pictures back. yay! I feel like it was forever ago. Do i like just put all the pictures on this one post or how do i do it??? i know i'm retarded.

my cute new nephews !!! They are so handsome ! ! !