Friday, September 30, 2011

happiness is...

gelato + freshly sunkissed skin = happiness

What can I say? 
I guess it doesn't take very much to make me happy these days...

fyi:  tried nutella gelato tonight, it was amazing.  & also our apartment's pool has been open the whole month of september due to the amazing weather we have been having as of late.  true love.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Halfway There

Today is a glorious day.  I am officially halfway done with school.

half of me is so excited...

and then half of me wants to just throw up, curl up in a ball, and then runaway just thinking about having 15 1/2 months of school still left.

I hate that my school practically "owns" me.  They control my life.  I hate it.  I think they love it, honestly.

I hate them. 

They even control me when I sleep.
I dream about probing, scaling, furcations, periodontal disease...

 For now I'll try to celebrate being halfway done by going out on a date with the hubbers.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Labor Day Camping and Swiss Days 2011

 I can't believe Swiss Days has come and gone...again.  I love Swiss Days.  It is definitely something I look forward to the whole summer. 
 I get to spend lots of quality time with my mom. 
 She does such a great job with her booth.  It's always so cute. And she whipped up the apron I'm wearing the night before.  She is crazy. 
 My cute cousin Emily attracting customers...
Ashley came up on saturday and hung out for a bit.  So fun to have her back in Utah. Friday night my mom and I stayed at Todd & Sharolyns.  It was nice to be up in Midway and not have to make the drive both days.  Spending time with the Westra kids is always fun too!

 After Swiss Days my family went camping up at the Harris' property.  Shawn and I were not very excited to go camping, but it actually turned out to be a lot of fun.  I think the fact that we were there only one night made it a lot easier on us.  And we had our own tent with our own aerobed.  (too bad we don't have  picture of us trying to stuff the bed in the tent...classic)
It was good to have some family time before Curtis left for BYU hawaii. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Oh hi

Oh hello blogging buddies,

I'm at the gym...peddling my little paddle legs away.

 I guess you could say I'm repenting for the last few weeks of summer...

I HATE the bike. Waste of my life.

 You should all go visit my aunts new amazingly creative blog. She is going to be having some ridiculous giveaways.

 Good day...
Oh ya. I need patients!!! Please please please let me know if you or someone you know needs their teeth cleaned!

 I have to find 2 patients a week right now and it's kind of stressing me out!

I promise it wont hurt...I won't hurt you!

 If you know of someone please leave me a comment or something!

 Mmk now GOOD DAY

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Easy energy bars & 1 year anniversary of craziness

 Remember my post a year ago about changing my life?  Ya know, THIS one?  Well it's been a whole year since we have made the change from the typical american diet to a healthier more plant based one.  We have definitely not perfected it...but we can definitely feel a huge difference in the way we feel.  I can honestly say that we do not have any dairy or animal protein in our house...except for the ice cream in the freezer (see the fine print below)  It's so easy to be healthy at home. It's only hard when we are away!

Everyone asks where we get our protein.  It bugs.  Really?  It just proves to you that we Americans have been brainwashed to think that you can only get protein from meat. There are soooo many other sources to get protein people!

Benefits...Shawn says he can run faster and jump higher and kick the soccer ball harder. The best part is he is being serious. haha.  I love Shawn.  He is so freaking funny.   Now some of that is true and then the other part is all in his head. 

Some real life benefits...less headaches.  I used to get a headache every single day.  Now its more like once a week or when I'm really hungry.  One of the best benefits is we have less aches/pains.  I used to wake up in the middle of the night and have to take 4 ibuprofens in order to be able to fall back asleep from joint pains.  This never ever happens anymore.  I swear.  It's ridiculously awesome.  

In memory of our one year anniversary of a healthy lifestyle change I thought I would go grocery shopping and try to make our own energy  bars.  We have not been eating the healthiest lately and I needed to try something new to make me excited about the whole idea all over again.  They were so easy and taste so yummy!  I looked at a couple of recipes and then just kind of did my own thing. 

What you will need slash what I used.
  •  wheat flour
  • raw peanuts/cashews or pecans or any other raw nut you would like.
  • flax seed
  • oats
  • pitted dates
  • dried bananas and papayas or other dried fruit (next time I will try apples or peaches).
  • orange flavored cranberries -optional
  • agave nector (natural sweetener)-optional
  • honey-optional
  • peanut butter-optional
  • cinnamon-optional
  • vanilla-optional
  • water
Pretty much you blend all of the nuts and then add the wheat flour & flax seed.  oh ya...serving sizes...I just did like a handful of everything (: You put that blended mixture into a bowl and then you blend the fruit and the sweeteners. It will blend into a sticky goopy mess, add it to the dry nut mixture and mix it all together. 
 After it is all mixed together work a small sized portion into a rectangle bar shape.  Wrap in plastic wrap and now you have a nice protein packed energy bar!
You really can put in whatever you want.  I just had fun experimenting.  One of the recipes that I saw only used dates, cinnamon, dried fruit and pecans.

One day I will bore you all with a huge long list of all the other amazing benefits of a plant based diet.  For now you will just have to trust me. I never. ever. ever. ever. thought I would stop eating meat...the same goes for Shawn. And when I say stopped eating meat I mean we are on our way to getting there.  I eat one serving of meat about once a month (except for this last Labor Day weekend while we were poor tummy hurts now).

The disclaimer/fine print:  I still eat ice cream.  Dairy-free ice cream does not do it for me.  Maybe one day (:  Oh and we still eat fish.