Friday, April 30, 2010

Exciting News!!!

I've been waiting to tell the world until everything was 100% sure and finalized.
I'm in dental hygiene school!!!
I heard about this new dental hygiene program at Fortis College about 8 months ago before they were even accredited or accepting applicants. They were finally accredited in January and I was able to complete the application process in early March...interviews, testing, essays etc. The program is unique because the prerequisites are included and there are not any breaks. I will be going to school for 2 1/2 years straight starting May 17. I have done most of the prerequisites that are required for dental hygiene...but only a couple transferred. Which is super frustrating but at this point I don't give one little damn. I'm just excited to finally be in hygiene school. Oh...and best part is...the school is literally 5 minutes away from our apartment.
We are really excited, but we are freaking out a little bit as well. We are definitely used to me working full time. I have talked to my Doctor at my pedo office and he is excited for me and wants to work with my school schedule. Which is a huge blessing. However I'm not sure how long my school schedule will allow me to work. I've never had a student loan. That makes me want to throw up. Shawn has a couple that we are going to have to start paying on with in the next 2 months. UGH. Somehow we will figure it all out.
Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our Worst Nightmare Came True

NuRsErY !!!!!!!

Not just nursery workers...nursery leaders. We are in charge of everyone & everything.

While you are laughing we will be crying.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Twin Falls Tournament

Yet another soccer tournament to blog about. I did not take one picture. I'm horrible. It was a really fun tournament though. They had it set up like a little fair type thing. Lots of food and fun little soccer games. They had this thing set up to see how fast you could kick the soccer ball. You would pay 1 dollar for 3 shots. Matt (the biggest kid on the team) kicked a 64 mph. I told the parents that Shawn couldn't beat him. He tried so hard... he could only get a 63 mph. Poor Shawn. Matt ended up winning the competition though, so Shawn can't feel too bad. I'm sure he could have won if his knee was 100% They also had goalie wars at the end of all the games on Saturday. It was so much fun... except for when Chris got a mean concussion when diving into the pole.

They had these big army tents in between the soccer fields to go and get warm in. It was cold...really cold yesterday. The worst part was it was extremely windy. Our boys were so not used to the wind and could not judge anything out of the air. They totally killed the first team. Lost their second game...don't worry...I let them know it was the worst I have ever seen them play (like they care what I say). Saturday night we all went out to a little Italian restaurant...Tomatoes. It was really yummy. I feel like I'm getting to know the U14's parents a lot better. I feel much more comfortable with them. Maybe it's because there are hardly any LDS families on this team and so whenever we have a team outing there is some drinking involved! They are all awesome people and I actually look forward to the next tournament.

Sunday the boys lost in a shoot out in the Semi's. I hate shoot outs. Way too intense. The boys played awesome though. Shawn and I were so happy to come home to the warmer weather and the mild breeze. We are very wind burnt!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Soccer Saturday...

... and soccer Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday...

We are really busy with soccer right now. I was telling Shawn yesterday that last year I would be complaining right now. But I'm not. I think I've finally accepted that this is my life. haha. It's a fun and crazy life. Next weekend we have a tournament in Idaho Falls. Yuck! Yesterday we had a game in Layton & Providence. Lots of driving. Fyi: Providence is a suburb of Logan.

This was at the U14 game in Providence yesterday. So pretty with the Mountains.

When we aren't at Shawn's boys' games we are at Real games, or Shawn's indoor games. . . Oh and his outdoor Men's league just started, so we have that too. His Men's competitive league has a whole bunch of new players this year...former Real & BYU players, so he is excited about the talent this year. This picture was taken last weekend at the first home game for Real Salt Lake. They were awarded their rings for being the MLS champions last season

They had a special little guest during half time. It was a cute little boy named Jonah. I think he was 5 or 6. He loves Real and Make a Wish Foundation set him up with meeting all of the players....AND David Archuleta came out and surprised him! It was sooo cute. They sang a song together. Jonah knew every word and he even sang a whole line by himself. I have a video of it, but I really don't want to upload it. Youtube it if you're interested!

We have been taking Maggie to all of the outdoor games because the weather is great! Finally! She LOVES it. She is such a soccer dog. I will have to take a video of it. Everyone is always asking me how we teach her to play soccer. We never had to teach her...she just has been around it her whole life I guess!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

So I guess I'm an official "Gleek"

At first I was not the biggest fan. I actually had to be talked into giving it a second chance. The storyline is pretty crazy. Chicks pretending they are pregnant...chicks lying about who is their baby daddy...teachers blackmailing other teachers/students...pretty much it is morally twisted & very unrealistic. However, the songs are amazing and I'm addicted. The second part of Season 1 just started last night.

Here is my favorite song from last's just the music!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Something to Think About ...

Today in church it seemed like all of the little kids were smiling or playing with Shawn.
He told me after church that he felt like all of these kids (about ages 1-3) were saying to him "why haven't you brought my friends down yet? ... you need to have a baby!"
So cute right?
So of course I immediately got a little teary eyed...
and then my heart started pounding really fast and I couldn't breathe.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter 2010

Easter this year was a lot of fun. Shawn has a bishop from his mission who is in town with his wife and two kids visiting his sister. Shawn invited their whole family to Easter dinner at his mom's house. Stacey was more than happy to accommadate and even went all out getting the kids involved in the Easter egg hunt and making them cute Easter egg baskets.
Shawn had told his mom that they were bringing 2 little she bought only girl stuff. Shawn found out at the last minute that the youngest was a boy. Oops! He ran to walmart and grabbed a couple of things.
The little girl Carol was so cute. She had the beautiful olive brazilian skin with green green eyes and light hair. The kids were all a little shy at first but Stacey had the kids search for their Easter baskets and they loved it. They were so excited. It was hard because the kids didn't know any english.
Payson running around for eggs
Shawn served in Dalmir's ward/area for about 4 months with his favorite companion J.D. Shawn said he was the best bishop and that they had a lot of fun together. Him and his wife fed Shawn and J.D. a lot. Shawn has been home from his mission for five years and Dolmir is still the bishop!!! Dalmir speaks perfect english and his wife could speak a little bit.
Brandyn and Preslie with her easter basket. She is getting sooo big! Brandyn was able to make it home in time for Easter. He was in Wyoming for work for 6 weeks!!! Mickie is such a trooper...I don't know how she did it.
It was fun seeing Payson and Talan interact with Dalmir's kids who don't speak any english. After their stay here they are going to Disney World...So Payson pulled out a scrapbook of when they went to Disney Land to show him Mickie Mouse. It was so cute. Payson is such a good kid.
The whole gang minus Mickie and Brandyn who were taking the pictures. I forgot to mention that Dalmir was visiting his sister Lilian...who also came for dinner with her husband. Shawn knew Lilian from his mission too. She was so funny. We had a great dinner and I had so much fun hearing stories of Shawn from his mission, and getting to know people that he served with. Shawn was SO excited the whole weekend to have them over. He kept asking Stacey if she had everything ready. He wanted everything to be perfect.
My family went to Vegas for Easter and Spring Break...we missed them but we are having Easter dinner this Sunday with them.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cute Cousins...

My mom has lots of younger brothers and sisters who all have kids.
I'm the oldest grandchild on my Mom's side of the family so there is a large gap between the youngest grandchildren and me...they are still coming! They are more like nieces and nephews to us older grandkids. We love it.

Grampa. Me. Justin.
Thursday night we went to up to Todd and Sharolyn's in Midway to hang out with some of the family. Allison and the kids were in town for their spring break.

Shawn had fun outside with the boys...teaching them some skills.

Emily has Shawn wrapped around her little finger. We were getting ready to leave and she turned to Shawn and said, "No you can't go. Please don't go. You can't".
Shawn's heart was just melting.
So of course we had to stay a little while longer. Have I mentioned before how much I love the Westra kids??? Pretty sure I have. They are so cute!

US Womens National team vs Mexico

The US Women's team was in town last night at our Rio Tinto Stadium here in Sandy. I know you're not going to believe this but it was my idea to go. Shawn definitely jumped on that opportunity! Pretty rare that with a free night I would want to watch more soccer right?

I was really wishing that we wouldn't have bought tickets...the weather was horrible. I have no idea why it's snowing in April. I hate hate hate it.
This is my cold face. Notice how there is snow on the field??? And also how they have guys shoveling it? We couldn't figure out why they didn't have a small snow plow. It's real grass so they are extra careful with it I guess...

You can tell by this picture how miserably cold it was. We started on the north end of the field, with really close seats, but ended up moving to slightly covered seats. It was a lot better. I told Shawn I wanted to go home several times but we ended staying the whole game. I felt bad for the players. The ball had no movement. It wouldn't roll or bounce.

Um there were way too many Mexico fans there. It was beyond ridiculous. Now let me just tell you that I'm all for immigration. Please don't ever ask my husband his stance on the gets very heated (he's for it as well). I'm even a 1/4 bean so I can talk smack. BUT I do not understand why these people move here from mexico...for a better quality of life that they can't have in Mexico and then don't cheer for the country that they live in. The country that gives them this freedom of life. I wanted to go and punch every single one of them in the face. Have some pride people!!!