Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Movie stubs in my purse

This year I decided to keep my movie stubs every time we see a movie. I thought that it might be fun in the future to look back and see what movies we saw. Maybe my kids will think it's cool or something?

Anyway. I thought I would do a one line review for each of them. Could be a new tradition on the blog. We will see how it goes.
I have tried to keep all of the stubs, but I think I have thrown away a couple of them. Oh well...
Starting at the top left (5 *'s are possible).
  • Expendables: Old guys (who used to be famous) promoting botox. **
  • The Switch: the cute little boy totally made the movie, we were pleasantly surprised. ****
  • Inception: We saw it after hearing how amazing it was...so of course it wasn't that amazing to us. It was super hard for me to follow, but out of the box. ****
  • Other Guys: Awesome one liners...but too long, it got boring **
  • Eclipse: A lot better than the other movies, Bella is getting less awkward (or maybe I'm getting used to her awkwardness). **
  • Salt: How the hell is Angelina Jolie, or Evelyn Salt, supposed to kick the crap out of people when she is ridiculously under weight??? We loved it!!! *****
  • The A-Team: Totally surprised us...enjoyed it. ****
  • Grown Ups: Mediocre comedy...you could predict all of it...so disappointing. *
  • Toy Story 3: We didn't love it, but we didn't hate it...cute ending. **
  • Knight & Day: Cameron Diaz is looking pretty old...same with Tom Cruise...cute chick flick I guess. ***
  • Green Zone: Makes me wonder what our government is hiding from us. ****
  • Sherlock Holmes: Not my kind of movie, I like to go to movies to relax...thinking is not relaxing to me. ***
  • Killers: I love Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl (big fan since Grey's Anatomy) it was a good chick flick, but had a really weird, abrupt ending. ***
  • Prince of Persia: Why did Reese Witherspoon break up with Jake? ****
  • Iron Man 2: I hate Scarlett Johansson, everyone else was awesome. ****
  • Despicable Me: This was by far the best movie of the summer...Shawn says he has never heard me laugh through out a movie like I did with this one...SO CUTE *****
  • Robin Hood: This was one that we snuck into after seeing another movie. Can't wait to see it again. ****
  • Date Night: Shawn and I are watching this movie right now...we loved it. Steve Carell + Tina Fey = Hilarious *****
  • Valentine's Day: Lots of big actors...kind of depressing...but good. ***
  • Dinner for Schmucks: The only part that was good was the dinner...the rest was lame. **
  • The Last Song: Happy sad movie, its good once you get over Miley's constipated faces. ***
  • Cop Out: This is another one that totally surprised us...laughed thru the whole thing! ****
  • When in Rome: Kind of lame, but I love Josh Duhamel...its one that I will buy when its on sale for 5 bucks. **
  • She's out of my League: ehhh alright, really funny at times. ***
  • Edge of Darkness: Another one that makes you think about our twisted government, totally recommend it. ****
  • Extraordinary Measures: Shawn loved it...it was too long for me...but it did have a great story. ***
  • The Bounty Hunter: Not one of my fav Jenn Aniston movies. **
  • The book of Eli: I have had a big crush on Denzel for a long time...for obvious reasons...really different...we loved it. *****
We love going to movies. It's something cheap that will keep us entertained for a couple of hours.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Just because...

I love you Shawn!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I don't know what to say

What the hell am I doing?

And how the crap am I supposed to make dinner with this stuff?

By the way...if you don't have anything nice to say then just don't say anything at all. However, please feel free to laugh at me.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Donut Falls

Yesterday Shawn and I had little to do. It was so weird...no soccer on a saturday? Shawn's boys had a tournament the last couple of days, but lost in the semi-finals so no game on Saturday. Shawn's mens game had been canceled, and we were left with only 1 indoor game.

After sitting around for a while we decided to go on a hike. I had never been to donut falls so Shawn got the directions and we headed out. I was ready for a long, hard hike but it was fast and easy. It was so pretty! It was nice and cool in the canyon too. Loved it!

We are ready to go again! Except...my arms are so sore from climbing the rocks. So maybe in a week or two.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Watching Miles & 101 Dalmations

Our friends asked us if we could watch Miles last night. Shawn had soccer, but Miles and I hung out and had fun. He is one of our favorites in nursery. He is the poor kid that Shawn scarred for life...Shawn took him to go to the bathroom and sat him on the toilet...but he ended up peeing all over his pants. Shawn felt so awful. He kept telling Miles over and over how sorry he was. It was a good lesson for Shawn (;
He is so cute!
He had some great decorating ideas!
We watched 101 Dalmations. It's one of the only Disney movies we own.
Some of the highlights of the night:

He dropped a piece of macaroni on the floor and went to throw it away...and then farted REALLY loud when he thought he was being quiet in the pantry. We both laughed really hard for a long time.

He told me that the magnets on my fridge were oval, square and circle shapes! I was so impressed. He is only 2!

He bonked me on the head. Really hard! When I told him it hurt he told me that I could play with his truck to make me happy.
He cried when he had to leave.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

This & That...tournament, pedicures, 24th of july, Grampa Allgood's funeral, ice cream madness, baby Hayden & another tournament!

I have been lazy lately...actually more like really busy & stressed lately.


Tis the season for lots and lots of soccer tournaments. Last month we had one in Logan with the '97 team. That tournament is always a lot of fun.

At dinner with the parents at that yummy train station Mexican place. Doesn't Shawn look cute in my glasses?

Guest player Dakota (he is my new aunt Rebekah's cousin!), Sean, Sam & Jake.
We had to help with some rides to the fields. Smelly boys!

Shawn has started a tradition to do ice baths every year at this tournament. The boys seriously LOVE it. They complain, but really they would be so disappointed if he didn't do them. This year Shawn decided to join in on the fun.


Stacey treated Mick & me to pedicures one evening.


The 24th of July was spent at Mickie's little lake by her house. I didn't take any pictures but we had fun. That evening we went to the Real game and stayed for the fireworks. It was such a hot, sticky night!


Shawn's Grampa passed away July 23rd. His funeral was last Saturday. At the funeral Shawn read a cute little letter he wrote to his grampa. I will have to post it on here later, if he will let me.


A lot of Shawn's cousins and aunts and uncles came into town last week for the funeral. We spent almost every night hanging out. We both really enjoyed it.


I had to give a presentation in my Communications class this last week. I decided to do it on how to make ice cream. . . Ben & Jerry's ice cream. I have one of their recipe books. I seriously have made SO MUCH ice cream the last couple of weeks! Our freezer was packed!

Just some of the many flavors...Raspberry, Chocolate Peanutbutter, Chocolate Cinnamon & Cookie Dough. They are all so yummy. We have lots left over so come over and help me eat it!!!


Hayden Tate Schneider was born August 3rd!

It was a long, long day for Mickie. He was not ready to come out! Mickie asked if I wanted to be in the room this time...of course I said yes! It was such an awesome experience that I will never forget. I was surprised by how emotional/spiritual it was. AND she made it look like a piece of cake. She was laughing thru most of it.


Both of Shawns teams played in the Park City tournament this last weekend. It's always hard having 2 teams in a tournament because Shawn is running around like crazy...and there are always a couple of games that conflict with each other. Both of his teams did really well, they both took 2nd place for their age groups. Of course the 2 finals were at the same time. The coaching director took the older boys, and Shawn took the younger. In between games we went to lunch with Kioko & Karl. I love them. I should have taken a picture. Then we met up with some of the boys and saw "Salt" (loved it, surprisingly).

Shawn, Porter, Jordan, Donovan, Joe, Max, Jake & Connor.
Bing, Sam, Sean, Christian, Bailey, Braden, Dillan & Cameron.