Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Farewell

Curtis' Farewell was on Sunday. There were way too many people. It was insane! Over flow was full and people had to park down the street from the church, and our house was just way too crazy. It was a lot of fun and he did a great job on his talk! Shawn and I love him so much and we are so proud of him, but we are definitely sad to see him leave. Ive been okay so far, but its really starting to hit me. Tonight he will be set apart, and thats where I really lost it with Kev. . . so please bless I make it through the night ;) Curtis has a great group of friends and they have this tradition they do before one of them leaves on a mission. . . its their own version of "the gallon challenge" pretty much to me is they drink lots of water/juice whatever and puke the rest of the night!!! They are dumb. I love them all to death and I hope they still hang around when curtis is gone. Below i have a slide show of just some of the pics on sunday. Last weekend I also went skiing with Curtis, my mom, Spence and then my Aunt Beck and her boys. Curtis loves boarding and i'm pretty sure he is going to have some major withdrawls. It was so cold, but it turned out to be a great day of skiing. tons of powder!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Shawn and I had a great 1st Christmas/New Years as a married couple. We are lucky to live by my parents and Shawn's so we were able to do lots with each of them. Christmas Eve we had the traditional clam chowder and shrimp at the Blymillers and then went to my parents for some ice cream and the traditional story of Christ's birth, and Christmas carols. Christmas morning Shawn and I did our own thing. I tried to sleep in, but even though I knew every present I was getting I was still so excited to open them! After presents we made our trek out to the Schneiders. Wow, it was for sure a white Christmas, SO SCARY!!! We had a nice breakfast with them and then made our way out to Lehi. . . after getting stuck in Mick's driveway, and then several times in my parents neighborhood. yuck. Luckily we made it safe! We got to talk to Kevin who is in Chile. He has not changed at all. He is still the same sarcastic kid. . . Love it and am so proud of him!

This is our cute little tree with our presents!

This is Kevin, we were able to do the webcam (shhh)

All of us talking to Kevin!

Puzzle's are our addiction during the vacation!!!
We had a great New Years Eve! We had our friends Rey and Emily over for some guitar hero, wii games, and food! We also had dinner earlier that evening with Shawn's family and New Years day we saw my grandparents, hung out with my fam, and caught a movie! We caught a lot of movies over this break actually. "Ask me any movie. . . thats a GREAT movie". (line from the ringer)