Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving. What a great time of year. This year was spent with Shawn's family at Rick and Stacey's house. It was just Rick & Stacey, Mickie, Brandyn & the kids, Gpa Allgood and then Shawn & Me. Shawn started the day off by playing football with Mike. Mike was over last night and apparently the stories are true: Shawn was the "star" of the game! Haha. He had a lot of fun. While Shawn was out I cleaned the house, and got started on the "Routson Family Fudge". I first called my dad for the recipe and he was mad that I didn't have it memorized or something so he hung up on me. I had to call my aunt Becky and she willingly gave me the recipe. . . however she got her recipe from my gma and gpa and my dad got his recipe from my GREAT gma so I'm not sure which one is the original recipe. They both taste the same to me. Guess we will never know who's right. ANYWAYS. I made the fudge and it actually turned out!!! This is a huge accomplishment. I think I attempted to make a batch last year and it didn't work. I am so proud.

Here I am with my fudge. Yay! Here is the thing about the Routson Fudge. . . if you aren't a part of the family you either love it or hate it. . . . . . . . . . . .Great news. Shawn loves it. I guess he fits in (:

When Shawn got home we got started on our food assignments. Salad and mashed potatoes. Shawn peeled, cut and boiled all of the potatoes. I just did the mashing. Team effort. I just bought a bagged salad from Costco. I love that place. "You can literally buy everything you need from birth to death. They have diapers and coffins. . ."

Gpa Allgood and Stacey

Shawn and me with gpa

Mickie & Brandyn

The whole crew minus Talan and Preslie who were there but aren't pictured.

After dinner we hung out for a while. Mickie and Brandyn had to head to his parents and then shortly after that Shawn and I went to have dessert at my gma and gpas. They stayed home this thanksgiving to help my great aunt Hilda recover from eye surgery. Hilda is such a cute little old lady. She loved Maggie. We didn't get any pictures at my gma's. So sad. We had a pumpkin cheesecake that I bought. . . . . I mean MADE from scratch. After hanging out with my grandparents we headed back to spend a little more time with Rick and Stacey.

We had a good day. I missed my family. I hate missing out on things, but I can't be in 2 places at once. I also don't blame them for leaving. Half of their kids are out of the country, their oldest is all grown up, married, and has to be shared by another family, and poor Spenc shouldn't have to be bored on Thanksgiving. They went to Arizona to have Thanksgiving with Tyce and Becky and my gma and gpa Routson. They have been enjoying the nice warm weather. lame.

Things Shawn & I are grateful for this year:

Our little Eternal Family
The Gospel

old friends
new friends
neices & nephews
2 missionaries
good health
our jobs
working cars
nordstrom/the rack
modern family

happy thanksgiving.

Real Salt Lake wins the MLS Cup . . . with out us :(

Our Real Salt Lake MLS team won the MLS Cup last weekend. We really really wanted to go. We seriously tried everything. My aunt Julie offered us tickets, and a place to stay, all we needed was a little miracle to get up there. It never happened. Flights were very expensive. There was even a promotion going on for Real fans, but there would have been huge layovers in California, and I wouldn't have been back in time for work. So sad. We could have driven but we heard the passes were really bad because of the recent snow storm. I'm rambling on. . . Long story short we really really wanted to go but it just didn't happen. We had fun watching the game at the Pasmann's house (parents of a kid Shawn coaches). They won in another shoot out. It went to 7 PK's again. 7 is their lucky number I guess! Shawn went to the little celebration here at the stadium when the players got home. I opted out due to the very cold weather. I think I made a good choice. Shawn had fun though. Die hard fan (:

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Months ago we bought tickets for New Moon. Lindsey's cousin rented out a theater and sold all of the tickets. Shawn and I have been fans of the books. . . I wouldn't say HUGE fans. But we definitely enjoyed them and read every single one of them. We HATED the first movie "Twilight". So corny/cheesy/horribly made. So. . . the day finally came, November 13, when we went to go see the movie. Shawn was actually not able to go because he was coaching Futsal so I took my mom instead. It was fun to have a girls night out with my friends and my mom. Shawn would have been the only guy, but he wouldn't have cared at all.

Andrea (Lindsey's friend) Lindsey, Liz and Myself

We got there early enough to get the best seats. Good thing we did because they had a fun raffle thing going on. While I was getting popcorn with my mom I won the "New Moon" Soundtrack. Lindsey accepted the prize for me. I was pretty excited, I never win anything.

About the movie: I thought it was a lot better than Twilight. Except for every scene Edward is in is awkward and cheesy. I wish they would have invested in some better actors for these movies. . . but I have to admit Bella or Kristen Stewart did a lot better in this one. I haven't rushed to go see the movie again with Shawn. Not in any hurry to see it again.

Side note: Shawn and I saw Blindside last weekend and LOVED it. Definitely a "Must See".

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

ShAwN tURnS 26!

Shawn turned 26 on Monday (which was also my mom's birthday but I won't disclose her age at this time). He has been home from his mission for 5 years now so he is feeling a little old. We kicked off his birthday celebrations last thursday by doing some shopping & sushi. Friday we slept in, relaxed, had our hair cut and went to his boys futsal games. Now I know it doesn't look like Shawn had his haircut. You can thank my mom for that. . . she told Shawn that his hair was "embarrassing". So he is growing it out even longer. Thanks Mom!!!

Saturday was a yucky snowy day. We didn't really want to go anywhere. Real Salt Lake played Chicago for the Eastern Conference Finals. For Shawn's birthday we decided to get tickets to the "Watch Party". It was at the Rio Tinto stadium in their little lounge/bar thing. Lots of TV's, all you can eat food & crazy hardcore fans. I have to admit it was pretty fun. The game went into over time and then pk's. They won the game on the 7th pk. Pretty awesome. The finals are in Seattle. We REALLY wanted to go, but flights are so dang expensive right now.

Sunday Birthday:

On sunday we went to my parents to celebrate my mom & Shawn's birthday. I made lasagna. No it wasn't the kind you buy and preheat from Costco. It was the real thing, and it was good, and I'm proud of myself. My dad was in charge of the bread and salad. Spence made homemade brownies. Good job Spencer! So yummy. Gma & Gpa came over for dessert after. Sister Asay/Tille came over for dinner too. It was a lot of fun hearing all kinds of stories about Curtis. They saw each other every day for 3 transfers so she knows him pretty well.

We had to get a picture of Tille with Swayze (Curtis' pride and joy). He found Swayze in the desserts of Eagle Mountain. At one time Curtis said that he was going breed Turtle's, raise them to be Racing Turtles, and become rich. "Who wouldn't want to see turtles race".

All my mom wanted was this little laptop desk that sits on your lap. . . that was an easy gift! Hope you like it mom, now maybe you won't burn your legs from your old laptop.

Spencer & Me

If you didn't already notice. . . I CHOPPED my hair!!! I was so ready for a change. For the last 3 or 4 haircuts I've been cutting more and more off to work myself up for it. I was so nervous to cut it because the last time I had my hair really short was in 7th grade and let me just tell you that chubby cheeks with short hair was NOT working for me. Now I still have chubby cheeks but not as bad I guess. I luv it! It's so easy to do and Shawn is in love with it.

Oh. . . and I wear glasses. Contacts were not working out so well for me.

For Shawn's real birthday I had to work all day and he had a big test in his Mass Comm. Law class. We were able to do lunch together downtown. For dinner we went to his parents house. His mom made shish kabobs and a yummy pasta salad.

I got my work out for the day by running around with the kids for 10 minutes. . .

Shawn & Me

Mickie & Brandyn

I think Shawn had a pretty good birthday week. I asked him what he thought he would have done by the time he was 26. He said. . .

1. go on a mission (CHECK)

2. be done with school (a couple more weeks left)

3. be married (CHECK)

4. be playing soccer professionally somewhere (pretty sure he has played enough soccer for 18 lifetimes)

and that was about it. I asked him if he thought he would have kids by now. He said NO. Looks like his life is just the way he wanted it to be. (: I love you baby, hope you had a great birthday!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Gift from Curtis

This weekend was a lot of fun for us! I will start with today.

Curtis has been telling us in his emails about his new sister missionary friend, Sister Asay. She is from Draper Utah. She got home from her mission about a week ago. Curtis sent her home with some things from the MTC, and gifts for all of us. He told me that she was going to be my new best friend and that I had no say in it. She got a hold of me last night and we got acquainted. She knew all about me. It was so funny. She invited us to her homecoming talk today. She gave the best talk ever. We can see why they are such good friends. She is witty and down to earth like Curtis. It was so nice to be able to get a glimpse of what Curtis is doing. Korea is such a hard mission, and Korean is such a hard language to learn. She spoke some in her talk and it sounded like jiBeRisH to us!

Sister Asay & Me (Her name is Jentille or "Tilleee")

This is the gift that he gave Shawn. haha. He has made a little tradition of giving Shawn random gifts. He cracks us up.

So he sent me a late birthday present. It was so thoughtful and so sweet. Reading it after feeling the spirit so strong in Sister Asay's talk made it very emotional for me. I will just write what the card said.
Hey MIssymooo cow pie. How are ya? So inside of Sister Asay's suitcase are some stupid things I wanted to send home. I've got weird cheap Korean socks, some movies in Korean, a big weird Korean hat, people in rice fields where these, some mtc crap (I dunno why I'll never look back at mtc again) a teddy bear that i won at an amusement park. And tons of other junk. Oh and I just got word that sister Asay got trampolines banned for the entire mission because she rolled her ankle last P day. tell her i hate her. . . the only way she can make up for what she's done is to get her hot friends/cousins to write me (:

So this letter is attached to a greenish package. This is your birthday present. So this is how I got the idea of what to get you.

So It was a cool summer's day. My companion and I were proselyting by a beautiful bridge that went over a pond. In the very center of this bridge was an old Man. His back was all bent with age and his beard was full of wisdom. We went up and talked to him. He was staring out at the water as the sunset approached. I asked this man what he was doing. He said he was watching the animal life in the water. I asked which was his favorite. It took him a second and then he replied, "the ducks". I asked why. He then told me a story "Ducks are the only animals on the planet that when they mate, they stay with each other. Other animals, like dogs or cats, leave their kids with the mother. Ducks are the most similar to humans in that they stay with one companion and raise the children together. Through trials and adversities the 2 ducks stay together. . . if the other dies the partner most likely doesn't find another mate."

These two ducks reminded me of you and Shawn. Although you are only at the beginning path of marriage there's a lot in store for you. There is a Chinese proverb about these 2 wooden ducks I've gotten you. Put them somewhere in your home where you and Shawn can see. Set the 2 ducks side by side facing the same directions. When they are faced the same direction they are unified and working together. If you don't feel unified or are mad at each other for some stupid reason, then turn the duck sideways or to be facing a direction the other isn't. This shows the other later on in the day when they see it that you are upset or mad. Always strive to keep the ducks facing the same direction. If the ducks are facing the same direction then you're working together. Shawn if my sister is being a butt face you can turn your duck's butt to her face if you want. ya know I just think this can help out relationships. You can't push forward if you don't resolve your issues ya know? Always strive to be a team. Happy late Birthday

Here are the 2 ducks.
I just thought that it was so cute and sweet of him to be thinking about our marriage while he is on his mission. He is such a cute kid and we love and miss him so much!

Okay on to yesterday. Well actually let's start with Friday. Friday night, after a 3 hour round trip of traffic from Hell, Ashley and I went to the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale. We have been looking forward to this for a while now. I had to pick up Ashley down in Provo, and then she came and spent the night with us. It was a lot of fun and we will have to do it more often. Please bless the traffic will not be as bad next time!!! Most of the night was spent at Nordstroms. No, most of the night was spent dreaming about the money we wished we had! We both were good girls and didn't go over our budget!

Yesterday, Saturday, we slept in and then drove up to Midway to go to my cousin Dallin's baptism. Funny thing happened on the way up there. Shawn was driving in the fast lane and there was this car that was going a lot slower in the same lane as us. Shawn got up on his butt to have him switch to the slow lane. . . but the car wouldn't. When we got like 2 feet away from the car I saw Idaho plates and I was like "oh CRAP! IT'S my uncle Mark!" Now let me just tell you he is not my biggest fan. As we passed him he shook his finger at us and then they just waved and laughed. It was so horrible. . . but we couldn't stop laughing.

Anyways the baptism was great and my gramma gave a cute little talk on the Holy Ghost. After having lunch at the Westra's we headed up to Ogden to watch Shawn's mom jump out of an airplane!!! She just turned 50 and she wanted to do something crazy. I think skydiving counts as crazy.

I didn't take a picture of Dallin! I'm horrible! This is a picture of Ashley and my Mom with baby Justin

After the baptism we changed into our street clothes. . . we looked at each other and laughed. We did not plan on matching, I promise!!!

We got to the jumping place just as Stacey headed up in the airplane. This is Preslie and me waiting. . .

Rick, Brandyn, Shawn & Matt (Brandyn's Dad, his mom Sam jumped with Stace)

Sam (Brandyn's Mom) & Stacey
I told Payson last week at Stacey's birthday, that both of his gramma's could die in one day! Okay that was probably not something I should have said to a 7 year old, but it's true! They both survived and LOVED it! Stacey can't stop talking about it.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 2009

Halloween is not our favorite holiday. This year we decided to actually dress up and try to make it fun. I was a fairylicious butterfly, Shawn was Casey Jones from the Ninja Turtles, and Maggie was a Spider.
The night started off a little rough . . . Shawn was very late getting home from helping out at the Real game. It all turned out okay in the end. When he got home we quickly ran over to Rick & Stacey's to go trick-or-treating around their neighborhood with Pays & Tal. The boys get more enthusiastic every year! We didn't have too much time because our friends were waiting for us.
Talan was Batman and Payson was the Joker

After Rick & Stacey's we ran down to meet up with our "New Best Friends" Nick & Mallory at the Spaghetti Factory. Little side note: we met Nick & Mallory about a year ago. They lived in our old apartments in Midvale and were in our old ward. We met them at church one day and quickly fell in love with them. At first when we would tell our parents stories about them we would just refer to them as our "new best friends". It stuck. We love them to death! They are our first friends that Shawn and I made together as a married couple.

Nick & Mallory

Shawn & Me
After Dinner we went to Nick & Mallory's to watch a scary movie, fondue and hang out. Mallory made homemade root beer. It was sooo good!

This was the root beer. . . how cool is that!?!

"You mind telling me what you are doing to my lil green pal over there?"

Overall we had a great Halloween!!!