Friday, May 28, 2010

Well...We are home.

So we are home from our trip. And have been the whole week. It sux to be home. We had an amazing trip. It was so fun to be able to spend 9 days with my hubby.
BoN vOyAgE
Port Everglades

Learning how to use our emergency life jackets...

Leaving the Port

This is my dream-house. I don't think you can see but it had a lot of turquoise accents. I love turquoise. AND who wouldn't want to live on the ocean?

first dinner. Of course the food was amazing. Every night we went to bed over stuffed. YUM!
Monday BaHaMaS/not

The first night Shawn was up throwing up. It might have been the flu... The Schneiders had it before we let. But we think it was actually food poisoning. Only because he only spent about 1 hour in the bathroom and then felt much better. They made it such a big deal to tell the medical staff if you got sick. So on monday morning before we were boarding off the ship to go to the princess cay's island in the bahamas I told the medical staff. They told us we had to wait in our Cabin and have him checked out. Dr Rudy said that Shawn had to be confined to his cabin for 24 hours. I tried so hard to hold back the tears. Rudy could tell I hated him. He said to me, "It's better that he stays in the cabin for the day than for him to be out and about getting others sick". I gave him the dirtiest look...I wanted to say that I didn't care one little bit about anyone else. All I cared about was being stuck inside while there was a beautiful island just outside. So this is a picture of Shawn being cooped up all day. Luckily I was able to leave and get some fresh air and sun. But I refused to leave the ship with out Shawn. I didn't want to enjoy anything with out him.

I was worried that with Shawn being confined to the cabin on the first day he would be turned off to the whole idea of cruising. I wanted him to love it so bad...because I want to be able to go again some day. This was Shawn's first and my 3rd.
Tuesday aT sEa

Tuesday we were at sea. It was a nice day to relax. The weather was perfect. Shawn brought his futsal. We both brought our work out clothes but that didn't ever happen. I honestly love running on their treadmills because they are set out over the water. It feels like you are almost running on water. With both of us wanting to relax and with both of us being sick we did not even make it once to the gym. Unless you count the tour.

This was the first of two formal nights

We had fun getting dressed up!
Wednesday St. MaArTeN

We were very excited to get off the ship!

Right as we got off the pier a guy asked Shawn if we wanted to jet ski. All he wanted from the trip was to jet ski on the ocean. I told him that he needed to wheel and deal a little with the guy. We got set up on the beach and Shawn kept saying "Ang they are giving me such a good deal. It's not going to last all day. We have to do it now". I tried telling him that the longer you wait the less the price will be. But I finally gave in to the little boy that was begging and moping around. haha. It was a lot of fun. I drove for a couple of minutes and then I let him drop me back off at the beach so he could have fun by himself (I just didn't want to be thrown off every two seconds).

We took the Water Taxi a couple of times. The water was gorgeous.

One thing bad about cruises is you have to pay for your own drinks. Plus they are pricey. So we got a yummy smoothie when we went into town to check out the shops.

I saw this little place from the water taxi...We thought it appropriate for me to take a picture by it.

Leaving St Maarten. So Pretty!

Thursday sT. tHoMaS !

We took a shuttle to the famous "Megan's Bay". It was so so pretty. We heard that it was great snorkeling and we were excited. It was not so great for us. Did I mention that I started to feel a bad head cold come on about the same time that Shawn was sick. Megan's Bay I was feeling awful. I had a fever for about 2 days and was so achey.

We lasted the majority of the day at the beach... I wanted to stay longer but I was struggling being out in the sun being sick. So we made our way back to the ship.

While we were at the Bay Shawn talked to a couple of workers there and found out a lot about the island. He says if he every disappears I will know where to find him. (:
Shawn was freaking out when I was getting close to the iguanas...he kept telling me that their tails were going to whip me. Don't worry. I survived...
leaving St. Thomas. It was so pretty!
2nd formal night
Watching another "movie under the stars"
Blindside. Such a great movie.
Friday Grand Turk

This island was seriously so small. But it was so pretty. We didn't have anything planned so we just snorkeled and explored a little. The snorkeling was the best here...not that great though!

The sand at Grand Turk was the softest, whitest sand ever. I loved it!

While we were at dinner one of the first nights we met Jerry and MaryAnne. They are New Yorkers retired in Florida. They were so much fun. We had dinner together most nights. They have been on a million cruises. Maybe one day we will be able to go on one with them!
For some reason these "just married" balloons were hung outside our cabin. We just thought it was funny. Everyone kept asking us if we were on our honeymoon. . . because anywhere outside of Utah we look to young to be married.
Saturday At SeA
The last day we just enjoyed the last day of amazing weather and hung out at the pools. I'm sure I had atleast 30 cones/cups of ice cream. I feel like I gained 10 lbs from this trip. The worst part is that I don't have time anymore to go to the gym...or do anything. I guess I will have to starve myself.

Sunday we packed everything up and left the ship. We couldn't get a flight out until 5pm so we were at the airport from 9-5. It sucked. We didn't get home until after midnight and then I had school first thing monday morning. Oh... AND we came home to snow.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dear Mom and Dad

Happy 25th Anniversary!

Wow that's a long time! I'm so lucky to have parents that have been together my whole life. It's pretty rare these days.

Cheers to 25 years of a wonderful marriage and to 25 more!

I love you,

(your #1 child. I know Spencer's is the golden child but I'm pretty sure I'm a close 2nd)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Off to an interesting start!

So...we had pretty crazy day today. We planned this trip months ago...and the timing was supposed to be good for both of us. Shawn just finished up with the Spring season. And I hadn't planned on getting into Hygiene school so I really didn't have anything going on except for trying to plan a trip during the week that my doctor is out of the office for surgeries. So much for planning well in advance. Shawn is missing tryouts. Which usually aren't until June. I'm missing the first week of school...and the first block includes Anatomy & Physiology, and some College Success class. I'm FREAKING out. I'm missing 10 lecture ours of just anatomy & physiology alone. Shawn is missing tryouts which is a huge part of his job. AND when I get home I'm going to be going part time. Which is a huge stress in itself (for obvious $ reasons and figuring out how we are going to survive at work).
Mmk so I'm done complaining. We are going to try our best to relax and not worry about any stress that will be waiting for us when we get home. But let me just tell you about today. We left bright and early 5:40 am to leave for the airport. We drove Shawn's car to Rick & Stacey's and Rick drove us to the airport. He is the only person we know that is up that early on a saturday morning. We got checked in and everything just fine. Boarded the plane...our seats were not together. What the hell? I told myself out-loud that it was not the end of the world. We had a connecting flight in Houston so the trip was only like 3 hours long. I tried hard to study while we were separated.

We got to Houston and I called on our hotel reservation that we made thru Priceline. My Mom helped me make it and we thought we got one near the airport/port. Nope! It was going to cost 40$ with a taxi ride to our hotel and then another 40$ tomorrow to go get on our ship. We freaked out. We did not want to spend that much on just transportation. We want to be able to do fun things on the cruise!!! So after not being able to cancel our hotel reservations we decided to try to rent a car. But that didn't work (long story). And then this nice lady helped us figure out the right bus route. So we waited for about 40 min for a shuttle bus that took us to the train. We missed the train and had to wait 2 1/2 hours for the next train!!! So we did. It is nice and warm here. Really really humid though! We met some fun brazilians at the train station. I should have taken a picture with them. So we chatted with them a bit and then boarded our train 2 1/2 hours later.
We called to get a taxi from our train stop to our Hotel. It was only 2 miles so we decided we could afford the fair for that. But wait...since today was the day from hell the taxi of course didn't show up. I put on my socks and running shoes and we walked 2 miles or so to our dang hotel. BLAH. Shawn carried his back pack the whole way that had our laptop, and all of my school books. It was so heavy. Oh and our bags barely made the 50lb check in cut off. But let me just tell all of my family and close friends who know me well...that I was a trooper. I know...hard to believe. Just ask Shawn! I complained just like 1...maybe 2 times. I promise! I kept telling Shawn that it was an adventure. And that it would be funny to talk about some time.



That was a really long post...that could have been really short.
We are exhausted and are going to bed. We will be going "dark" for 8 days. No cell phones, no computers. Can't Wait!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I wouldn't think you would need to put up one of these...

in a freaking dental office.
I'm at work (I work in a dental office). And a gramma just brought in her grandkids ... along with her family dog!?!?
What the crap?
Worst part is...I told her last time that he couldn't stay in here. Do I really have to tell her aGaIn?
And NO, he is not a special seeing eye dog or anything like that.
Pretty much common sense right?
Dental Office=No Dogs

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Spencer's Eagle

This last weekend was a busy one. We had Shawn's graduation/party on Friday, Spencer's Eagle Court of Honor/family picnic on Saturday & Mother's Day on Sunday.
Spencer's Court of Honor was short and sweet. I think everyone was happy about that. Spencer's Eagle Project was a little while ago. He collected DNA samples (mouth swab) and then sent them to Ugo...for geneological research. Um it's complicated. But that's how I explain it.

Spencer pinning on the little pin for my Dad.

Putting on my mom's pin...

Taking his oath

And now he's officially a part of the "Eagle's Nest"!

Spencer is such a hard worker. I am very proud of him! Shawn wasn't able to make it to the court of honor or the family picnic after. He had soccer...I was pissed he didn't come. But Spencer didn't seem to care. I'm sure Shawn would have a better understanding of how hard it is to get an Eagle if he had received his.

When we got back to my parents I started helping my mom get the food ready. I was cutting a lime and cut TWO of my fingers. Ya I don't know how I managed to cut two...but I did...and it hurt and it bled. It looked like a little brain/tumor thing so I took a picture. If you don't like blood then...sorry...get over it.

Gramma.Todd.Grampa.Justin.Rebecca (my soon to be newest aunt).


Justin is so cute. Even with food coming out of his mouth!


Chantel.Kevin. (Chantel is Kevin's new girlfriend. I don't know her very well yet but she seems really cute & fun!)


Old folks doing geneology... I don't get what is so "fun & addicting" about it.



The family picnic was a lot of fun. I love spending time with the family (: