Sunday, January 1, 2012


Please help me spread the word!

I'm a dental hygiene student and I'm looking for patients!  I see patients on monday and thursday afternoons from 2:15-5:15.  My school is in Salt Lake City 3900 S 700 E. 

It is a great deal for those who do not have dental insurance.  My clinic is brand new and has state of the art technology for almost everything we use.  The one downside is that I'm a student, and i'm the cleaning will take longer than what you are probably used to. 

The first visit is just $20 and includes xrays, doctors exam, cleaning, prophy, fluoride etc.  Any visit needed after that is just $10. I am looking for children, adults, elderly & special needs patients. 

If you have dental insurance we can definitely still see you, we just can't bill your insurance.  If you are just nice, and love me  & just want to help me out with my education then come get your teeth cleaned!   

It has been so stressful trying to find patients who will actually show up to their appointments.  Please help me spread the word, it really is a great deal!  So if you or someone you know is interested  please leave me a comment or facebook me! 

Oh and don't forget. You should be brushing your teeth TWICE a day people!  And you should be getting your teeth cleaned professionally 2 times a year.  It is so important!  Did you know that your mouth could harbor harmful bacteria that could kill you? let me clean your teeth so you don't die! (: