Friday, November 23, 2012

20 week scan & 26th Birthday

I can't believe this pregnancy is halfway over.  The first few months seemed to drag on forever, but these last few have just flown by. 

How far along? 20 weeks
Current weight: 113 +8lbs
Maternity clothes? I can barely button by jeans these days, so I've mostly just been wearing the bella band.  
Sleep: My hips have been killing me lately, weirdest feeling ever. 
Miss anything? feeling skinny
Movement? yes.  She seems to move more right before I go to bed, and then also in the afternoon.
Food Cravings? Olive Garden.  want it all day every day.
Food Aversions? Not really
Showing yet? yes. 
Gender : Girl
Symptoms: I have been feeling pretty good, just a lot of pressure in my hips and lower back. 
Best Moment This Week: Our 20 week scan.  
Looking forward to: My birthday!

We had our 20 week anatomy scan.  I was so nervous about it, and was so anxious to find out if she was a dental hygiene student I was pretty worried about a cleft palate! :/  I also was nervous that I wasn't going to remember all of the questions that I had wanted to ask (I know, I'm a nerd).  We sat in the waiting room forever, so annoying.  We had the scan done at IMC in the high risk unit, not sure why my doctor had us go there?  Anyway the scan went great.  The ultrasound tech was nice and pointed everything out to us.  Shawn was great to ask a lot of the questions.
  Baby is still a girl.  She is measuring not a day ahead nor a day behind...exactly on her due date.  We were so relieved when the doctor came in and told us that she was healthy and that we didn't have anything to worry about. 
October 7 was my 26th birthday.  Shawn took me out to the Melting Pot, we had never been there before.  The cheese and chocolate were amazing. 
My friend Lacey had her baby shower, she looks so great and it was so fun to see her.  She is one of my only friends that I keep in touch with from high school.

My birthday fell on conference Sunday.  Which meant lots of family was in town, so it was great!  Jenn and her mom and the kids came into town, and while the boys were at priesthood we had a girls night.  My mom had made a quilt with all of the left over fabric scraps that she had from making her books of mormon.  We decided to hand quilt it.  It was a huge project, but something fun to do while talking.  My mom, Ashley, Allison, Jenn, and I had fun quilting while skyping with Julie. 

All I wanted for for my birthday was a Shark vacuum.  I know, I'm weird.  I just love my life to be clean and organized.  As of late, it is not!  Can't wait for stupid school to be over with. 
My cute parents and me. 
The clan over for my Sunday Birthday. 
My mom made me this beautiful baby blanket!  I love the colors!
Later on in the week we went out for my favorite birthday dinner... Sushi!  Don't worry, all of the fish was cooked in these rolls.
So my awesome sister-inlaw told me about Herrimans yardsale facebook page.  It is so much better than KSL & Craigslist.  While perusing one day, I stumbled upon this awesome deal.  I got this crib and armoire for $180!  Best deal ever.  I'm going to paint the crib white, and then the armoire is going to be turquoise-stained all antique-like.  They are in perfect condition. 

Shawn was not so happy about my purchase.  We had to borrow Rick's truck and drive out to Herriman on a night that was really rainy.  We didn't have anyone around to help Shawn move the furniture into our apartment...luckily I called Scotty last minute and he came to the rescue in the middle of the pouring rain!  So great.  Now they are sitting in baby girls room, ready for me to refinish. 

I can't believe that on my next birthday I will have a little 8 mo old munchkin!