Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010

We decided to sleep at my parents Christmas Eve because we didn't have any presents to exchange at home and my mom said she had something "really fun" planned.
Shawn opening his stocking.
We decided to get iphones this year! We love them, and don't know how we lived with out them!
My dad asked us all a couple of days before what we wanted to eat for breakfast. Everyone had what they wanted. It was great. Thanks Dad!
I requested crepes and Shawn requested french toast that he could eat with his hands (long story short...our big first fight as a married couple was over the way shawn ate my french toast).
My mom made yummy cinnamon rolls.
Kevin bought and wrapped a lot of his own presents this year. He is such a nerd!
Me and my stocking.
All of us...including Swayze and Maggie.
My mom playing Santa.
Kevin always thinks it's hilarious to give me something pregnancy related for birthdays/christmas. He just wants us to have kids so bad.
Maggie and her huge bone!

So after opening presents my mom sent us kids on a scavenger hunt for our big presents. YES, I said a scavenger hunt. My mom is funny. She gave us sealed envelopes and then sent us a text message for where to go. First stop was Bishop Webbs...we had to give them the freshly baked cinnamon rolls and then sing a carol. It was awful. So embarrassing. Then they gave us a clue to our present...poles.

After we completed that our mom sent us the address for the next house. We went to I think 3 or 4 places and had to sing carols at all of them. It was so random. We definitely will not ever forget it! Shawn was assigned to be the video taper...I hope that thing never gets leaked to the public.

We went back and tried to figure out what the clues were. We had no idea.
It was a ping-pong table and a big flat screen for the basement. Yay! I was so impressed because the boys put together the table with out fighting!
It will be so much fun to have!


After playing at my parents we drove out to Mickie's for brunch.

It's always fun to see the kids so excited to show us what Santa brought them.
I hardly took any pictures. I'm so mad! After hanging out at Mickies for a while we all headed to Rick & Stacey's for dinner, and just hung out and played games. It was a great day!

Christmas Eve 2010

Christmas Eve this year we went bowling in the afternoon with the Blymillers. It was kind of in a sketchy part of town. I was a little bit afraid to go inside but it was actually way nice and so fun.

Pays & Mick
Payson & Talan
Rick & Hayden
Shawn and his sweet bowling shoes.
Preslie & Me
Kallie was obsessed with picking up the balls...but didn't even care once she pushed it off the ramp.

I hate I didn't bowl. But I had a fun time running around after the kids and just hanging out!
In the evening we packed up our stuff and headed to my mom's for dinner. I didn't take any pictures but my cousins Devin and Chris (and his family) came over. It was yummy food!

We got to talk to Curtis around 8pm. We were all so excited!
We tried to skype...but he couldn't hear us. So we watched him while we talked to him on the phone. He looks so good and was so much fun to talk to. He only has a couple of more months!

Shawn & Bryce
Bryson.Spencer.Dad.Mom. all talking to Curtis
Sporting their new bff dog tags... they are such nerds!

Can I just say that I'm kind of relieved that we wont have to do anymore conference calls with missionaries for a while??? It's such a pain in the butt! We all end up mad at each other after. We really should just each take like 10 minutes talking to the missionary...but we all want to hear whats going on. So instead we do a big conference call and talk over each other the entire time. Lame. It's great to talk to them, but it will be more great when everyone's home and we wont have to do it anymore!

After we were done talking to Curtis we did PJ's and just hung out. Nothing too exciting!

Blymiller Christmas Dinner Outing...

This year instead of drawing names for gifts we decided to all go out to dinner and a movie, with out kids. It was so much fun. We were laughing the whole night.
We had a really great chef who laughed at our little conversations we were having.
Shawn and I got sushi...or as Chris would say ... "SHuuushi".
After dinner Shawn had to head out for his Inter Alumni game. The rest of us went to see "Little Fockers". Apparently Chris felt like him and I were on a date or something...he wouldn't sit by me at the movie. ha ha.

Fun night, love you guys!

Ornament Painting 2010

Every year we paint Christmas ornaments at the Blymillers. Fun tradition. It is my 5th time doing it with the family! I can't believe it. I love being a part of the Blymiller family!Talan and Me showing off our ornaments
Chris & Kallie
All of our ornaments...Shawn's is the pink angel. He takes this ornament painting very seriously. He had to take his shirt off this year so that he wouldn't get his shirt messy...and he wont let me post the picture I have of him. I was almost banned from sitting by him because I kept accidentally bumping him. He is so funny!
Shauna was in town for the holidays so Shawn hit her up for a haircut! We love Shauna!!!

Motab Christmas Concert

I have been wanting to go to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's annual Christmas Concert for a couple of years now. Everyone always talks about how amazing it is. It is pretty hard to get tickets...its like a lottery system or something. My grandparents got tickets and Ashley and I were able to go with them. I was so excited. This year their special guest was David Archuletta. I have loved him since American Idol.
Ashley and me on the Trax
It was bloody cold that night. Like 9 degrees or something. Due to a huge accident on the freeway we were a little late getting to the Trax which delayed our arrival. The lines getting into the Conference Center were insane.
So we stood in line and waited in the freezing cold.
We had our tickets in hand and thought once we got in the doors everything would be okay... WRONG! We got held up for a minute in security...gramma just couldn't figure out why she kept failing the metal detector test? Oh wait...her camera was in her pocket! But that was the least of our worries. Once we got down to our section the ushers told us that it was all full!

Is it wrong to say that I've never been so disappointed in my church in my whole entire life? Okay it's wrong...but its true. Our church is known for their organization. However the usher told us that they apparently give out more tickets than they have seats for! Um what the crap? OH AND... they assume that half of those ticket holders will not show up!!! Are you kidding me?

Dear church, do you even know how much these free tickets were going for on ksl, craigslist and ebay??? my gramma found two random single seats for Ashley and me, then the usher told my grandparents that they should be able to find seats up top. They told us to meet them in the lobby after the show.
The stage was so pretty!
David was amazing. I like his teeny-bopper pop music... but this is totally what he should be singing all of the time. Or maybe it was just him with the choir. Whatever it was it was just amazing. I love love lOvEd it!

So after the concert Ashley and I went to the grandparents. Apparently everything was full. Even the overflow theaters! They were turned away and had to go to the north visitors center and watch the show on some dinky screen. We felt awful.

It was a great night though. I love spending time with my grandparents...they kept us laughing all night long.

Remember that one time, gramma, when we walked past some trumpet players in front of the square...they were playing jingle bells? You cheered and applauded them and then said to us "Oh I just wish they were playing Christmas music!!!"

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Window

Our apartment complex was doing a contest to see who could decorate their living room windows the best. The top 3 got some sort of a deduction off for their January rent. I called my mom up and had her come over and paint ours. I'm so lucky to have such a talented mom! It looks great!!!
I thought for sure we would win. No one's even compares to ours! But the screening was a while ago and we haven't heard anything. I'm so mad!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"The legend of the beast...

...goes back a long long time ago. Back to before any one of us could even pick up a baseball."
- The Sandlot

Wow, I don't even know how many times I watched that movie as a kid! Definitely one of the best movies ever! Anyways...the other night we went to the infamous mexican Leatherbys. I just love that place!!! Shawn and I discovered it when we lived in our first apartment in the ghettos of downtown Midvale. It's a Leatherby's ice cream parlor...with an amazing mexican twist. I mean who wouldn't want a $1 tamale with their sundae?

Okay so the other night we went with my friend Suzy and her husband Paul. Paul's dad told him that we should stop by Vincent's Drugstore... it's the same drugstore that the kids from The Sandlot bought their baseballs from! And it just happened to be right around the corner. We were very excited about it and had to take 4 years ago Suzy dared me to buy those boots that I am wearing...because they were so ugly. Now I wear them all the time and get asked where to buy them!
Shawn & Paul
After you are done at the drugstore you can walk across the street and experience both of these things... ?

We have had a lot of fun with Suzanne and Paul. We are all great friends now...actually more like a "square". Right Suz?

"The kids a square Bennie, a square!"
-The Sandlot

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

hAnGiN wItH kAl...

Recently I have been able to spend a lot more time with our niece Kallie. I just love her!
Today we went to go see my favorite movie Despicable Me. She loved it! She laughed at the most random parts. I was so tired and kept falling asleep...Kal was not so happy about it. She would squish my face with her hands every time that I fell asleep.
I keep this little dress up stuff at my house for when she comes over. She loves it and hates to take it off!
She is funny with Shawn. Sometimes she loves him and other times she wont even look at him haha. I think it's funny...Shawn doesn't (:
One day I straightened her crazy curly hair. I couldn't believe how long it was!
She loves to swing
I don't know why I don't have any pictures of her with Maggie but they LOVE each other. Maggie gets so excited when she comes over. She mopes around depressed the next day because she's gone. Kallie will play with her for hours and hours.
I always try to do different things with her hair. It is so much fun for me!
This is what she looks like in the morning (:

I have loved doing girlie things like dressing her up and braiding her hair. Painting her nails is so much fun...but it never lasts long. Bath time gets last week she pooped in the bath tub. Like a big grown up poop! I don't know how I survived that! But I love nap time and I love when she cuddles up with me to watch a "mooowie".

I have loved spending more time with Kallie. I hate it when my day with her gets cut short. She is just the highlight of my week and I hope she will always want to spend time with me!