Sunday, March 27, 2011

Braiding Payson's Hair

I guess I'm just getting ready for when we adopt our black babies (:

Payson and Chris were growing out their hair to donate for locks of love...but Chris didn't make it and Pays still has his long hair. I talked him into letting me braid cornrows last night. He was such a trooper. I know it hurt! I just kept telling him that his hair would like the Karate Kid's. haha.

I'm sure it will be a lot harder to braid african babies hair...but I think I could learn?

Spencer's Birthday

Spencer is 17 !
Spencer's Birthday was on the 23rd. We have had a lot of family time lately (and a lot more is coming) so we didn't do anything too crazy.
My mom made fajitas for dinner and then we just hung out, watched Modern Family, had ice cream cake and opened presents.
Happy Birthday Spencer!

Instead of Birthday tributes this year i think I'm going to do 10 things we love about the person

10 Things we love about Spencer

  1. Spencer is a stud-he has so many friends and they are always out doing fun things.
  2. Style-Spencer has this unique preppy/skater/urban/european style. I love it.
  3. Spencer is caring-still so tenderhearted and so sweet. Someday he will make a special girl so happy.
  4. Money savvy-I don't know how he does it, but this kid always has cash.
  5. Smart-he just got his ACT scores back...he beat all of far! (sorry but you will never beat my high school gpa Spence)
  6. Spiritual-Spencer has always been so good at fulfilling all of his priesthood responsibilities. He is a good example to the rest of us.
  7. Funny-Spencer is so quick/witty.
  8. Cocky/Stubborn-lets be real... he is a teenager! But we still love him for it!
  9. Ping-Pong Maniac-Shawn can't handle it when Spencer beats him. He has some crazy skills.
  10. Game Savvy-Spencer always tells us which games we need to get on our iPhones. He keeps us young and hip (:

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Curtis' Homecoming

Curtis got home March 16. We were nervous about him getting home because he had to fly from Busan to the time Tokyo's airport was kind of crazy because of the earthquake and the radiation issues. The church ended up flying him straight from Busan. yay!
He came in around 4 pm. We all made some fun signs...I'm not sure if mine really says "welcome home" but Curtis understood it.
Mark, Kevin, Dad, Mom, Me, Shawn, Spencer, Grampa
The boys broke the rules and met him upstairs before he came down to the rest of us.
So cute
Shawn filmed the occasion.
Can you believe it has been 3 years and 3 months since we were all together? Way too long!

Korean $
After the airport we went to Tucanos.
Bryce, Curtis, Kevin, Spencer.
My grampa & me
Shawn and my Dad.
A poor waiter dropped a whole tray of waters down Shawn's back! Poor Shawn. But it was the waiters first day so we felt so bad for him. We did get a free meal out of it so Shawn didn't mind!
Mom & Curtis
No more counting down!
As soon as we walked into my parents house Curtis asked if he could lay on the carpet. I guess they don't have carpet in Korea.
After Curtis was officially released some of his friends came over for a bit.
Bryson, Kevin, Cam with girlfriend, curtis, Karly, AJ, Bryce, Kiley, and Josh.

Homecoming Talk
Sunday March 20th

Curtis gave a great talk. He really has grown up so much. He loved his mission and learned so much from it. It has been so fun to hear stories. Spencer also spoke right before Curtis so it was extra special. Um, except for when Spencer said "its fun to have everyone home again...except for angela". Little punk!
Ashley and I had to pose for a couple of pictures before everyone rushed in for the Open House. It was crazy. My dad counted over 90 people at the house...and there were a bunch of families that couldn't even make it after the talk.
Sister Asay and other Korean missionaries
Devin & his girl
Lynette & Andy.
They are so cute, I love them!
I'm sure she is going to hate that I posted that pic. Sorry!
Bryce and his girl friend Kiley
Allison, Dallin, Justin, Sharolyn.

Westra kids
Curtis & Todd
Tiffany & Kevin

Chris, Kyla & Amber

Allison and my Mom.
It was so nice to have Allison here. She was a huge help to my mom!

Spencer and one of his best friends Aaron
Most of the friends that were at his homecoming.
Kevin.Tiffany.Josh.AJ.Bryson.Brad.?.JJ (gf), Bryce.Kiley.?.Cam.
I love my grandparents!
Carly, Jeff, Curtis & Taylor
I love that my brothers have such good friends that like to hang out with all of us...or at least they pretend to! They always make fun of me for blogging...yet they all read my blog so!?!

Curtis brought this awesome little storybook home from Korea called "Who Pooped on my Head?". It was a big hit! Its pretty disgusting!
Shawn was such a trooper the whole weekend. I'm lucky to have him (:
Allison, Taylor, Katherine, Carly.
Curtis & Me
Dallin, Brendon, Grampa, Mark, Jeff & Trevor.

My shoes were killing my feet by the end of the day. Charity tried them on and we were all surprised by how well she could walk in these 5 inch heels!
Todd, Kevin & Tiffany.
Curtis showing the kids a Korean game.
I guess everyone in Korea always makes the peace sign for they thought we had to do it too...
I love my brothers! It's so good to have them all home! Now Spencer will be leaving in just two years :( I'm just not going to think about it for a while.
My whole family!