Saturday, November 29, 2008


So I know that I just barely posted, but my camera has been broken and we just got it back from repair. . .This Thanksgiving we decided to go with my family down to Arizona to visit my Dad's family. It has been a fun trip and okay weather . . . a lot better than home!!!
The whole clan out to eat after seeing Four Christmases,
we loved it, you should all see it. We also saw Twilight this week,
that however, was a huge disappointment for all of us!
This trip was full of games from pool, to poker to mostly guitar hero.
Stacey, no we do not want it for Christmas,
we won't ever leave the house!!!!!

AS you can see, Shawn and I have not
graduated from the kid's table at thanksgiving dinner! haha

My mom and my new cousin, baby Keaton.
She has so much hair and is SO cute, Shawn and I
watched her for an hour this morning, we have decided
to extend our having a baby in 4 years plan to maybe 7 years (:

All of the yummy food

My little bro spenc, and shawn and me at a mexican restaurant
no we did not go out for mexican on thanksgiving.

crazy uncle Tyce, my DAd , and my mom

Cousins Nathan and Dallin, brother Curtis

Spenc and my aunt Becky!!! Shawn and me being weird
Britain swimming, isn't she adorable?!?

Shawn decided to try out my mom's underwater
earphones, he looks spectacular:)
We had a great trip, but we are excited to go home and get back to normal life. It was fun to visit all the fam in AZ! We love you all. please bless you guys will all come up skiing soon!

Shawn's Birthday!!!

Shawn has been having issues with his age. He is pretty much going through a mid 20's crisis. seriously. . . but I think he is starting to come to terms with it. . . maybe!?!

For his birthday he flew up to Seattle to tryout for a mls team. It has always been his dream, so he finally just decided to do it. He didn't make it, but he had a lot of fun and learned a lot. He shares his birthday with my mom, so we had 2 dinners. One at my grandma's and then one later that night at his parents! I hope he had a great birthday!