Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Halloween Flashback

I took these pictures, of pictures, at my mom's the other day.  They were so fun to look through.
1 yr

3 yrs?
4 yrs

5 yrs.  I loved this costume! will notice in a few of the pictures that I am holding the boys arms or throats, to make sure they are paying attention and smiling at the camera.  What a bossy pants!
 This was during curtis' batman phase. He was obsessed...wore his cape everywhere.  Look how cute Kev is in his little Robin outfit!
 So fun.  Love old pictures.

ya know what I don't love?  Halloween.  I can never really get into the halloween spirit.  You see, the reason being is that I feel like it steals my thunder.  October is my birthday month.  I shouldn't have to share it with Halloween.  Also, figuring out what you are going to dress up as in not fun to me...more like a stressful chore.  Anyway, hope all you Halloween lovers have a great Halloween.  I will be watching a fustal game that Shawn will be coaching. 

I have so many things to my 25th birthday festivities.  Perhaps I will next week. After this hellish week is over with.  Have I mentioned to you all lately how much I hate hygiene school?  And how the director is trying to cram 6 weeks of material into 10 days?  and how the stress caused one of the girls to go into labor prematurely?  And how they will probably somehow see this and then I will get kicked out of the program?