Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cabo 2012

 Shawn and I had planned on taking an epic graduation trip when I graduate in February.  I was thinking something like Costa Rica.  When we found out that we were pregnant, and that the baby was due a week before graduation...we decided we needed to act fast while I had a little break coming up with school.  

My school is ridiculous and decided to give us a lovely 4 day summer break.  I took an extra day and the weekend and we decided to go to Cabo for 8 days.  My aunt Julie and uncle Gary go there every year over the 4th for a few weeks so we were able to stay in their condo with them!  I am so glad that we did, it was a blast!

We got there a day before the Sarchet's did.  We arranged to stay in San Jose in a cute little hotel.  We were a little worried but it was actually pretty nice.  Nice pool, and beautiful view.  I didn't take any pictures while in San Jose, dang it!  But that first night we just relaxed a little by the pool and then walked down to the little market that they had.  I was a little scared on our walk when we saw guys with machine guns peaking out on top of buildings...but it turns out that we got there the weekend of a very big election so there were extra precautions being taken.  The next morning we woke up, had a nice breakfast, relaxed by the pool and then headed on our journey to Cabo.  
We did not want to spend 60$ for a 20 min taxi ride to Cabo, so we decided to take the city bus.  It was totally fine...other than the bus driver dropping us off at the wrong stop and walking a couple of miles through town with all of our luggage.  But for $2 each it was all worth it...and Gary and Julie were so proud of us for taking the city bus(: Once we made it to the resort we just relaxed by the pool (Shawn watched some big soccer game at the bar) and waited for Gary, Julie and the boys to get it.  

We had such a great week!
 Shawn and the boys played "tequilla vollyball" every day at 2:00
 They had a lot of fun.  It was SO NICE to have someone there to entertain Shawn.  I could just relax by the pool or ocean, while Shawn got to play all day long with the boys. I told Vincent and Andrew that we were going to have to take them on every vacation that we go on. 
 We went down to the arena...
 We ate lots of yummy food...actually we found out that the baby hates mexican food.  I ate salads when we went out to eat.
 Shawn and Vincent picking out their Henna tattoos
 Vincent. Gary. Mexican dude. Shawn. Me. Julie. Andrew
 I guess "The Office" is a very popular place to dine when you go to Cabo!
 Our resort, and the beautiful moon.
 Shawn and the boys made friends with the activities director, Roberto. He was a great guy and hooked the boys up with playing soccer with the locals.
 Happy hour!!!
 One night Gary and Julie treated us to a pirate ship adventure. 
 We sailed around for a while, ate dinner and they had a cute little production thing.  

 One of my favorite pictures
 The famous Arch
 That night there was a beautiful full moon.
 One of the days Shawn and the boys all went Ziplining.  I wanted to go soooo bad.  But apparently pregnant women cant do anything.  Something about being a liability.  So depressing.  Julie and I had a nice relaxing day at the beach though(:

 We went miniature golfing at the resort.
 Gary creamed them all!

 The Sarchet family
 Waiting for the 4th of July fireworks
 This day we went to the beach and attempted snorkeling. It was the same beach where Julie got stung really bad a few years ago, by a jelly fish.  I had a hard time...just because I'm pregnant and am so gaggy!  I would have to come up out of the water every few seconds to gag.  It wasn't very fun.  Everyone was enjoying seeing the fish until we all started getting stung by little jelly fish.  We all got stung a few times and then decided we were done. 
 After snorkeling the boys got distracted trying to catch lizards.

 Roberto told Shawn to meet him one night to go play soccer...he was a little late and Julie and I were worried that he might be stood up.  Shawn was beyond excited to play with the locals...we were worried about his heart being broken. It all worked out, and the shawn, vincent and gary were able to play.  They had a blast!!!  Well...Shawn and Vincent did!
 Gary didn't have any gear...this happened with in 5 minutes.  It doesn't look too bad here, but it was actually really bad. 
 I made friends with Roberto's American girlfriend Isabella and her friend Netto. They were so nice.  Netto took me to a little pizza place down the road, it was so yummy!
 Shawn in action
 Vincent in action!
 This was the highlight of Shawn's vacation.  He had so much fun.  The guys asked him if he played for Real Salt Lake (because he was wearing their jersey) and it made him feel pretty special.  Shawn and Vincent both played really well with the mexicans...Vincent and Shawn scored all of the goals.  They were able to get quite a few games in too!
 The next day the boys went to ride ATV's in the desert, and because Gary's leg was pretty bad Julie took his spot. 
 They had a lot of fun!
 A pelican flew into the pool on one of our last days, and hung out for a while.  It was crazy how close he got to everyone...He tried to bite Gary!
 One of our last nights we went down and did a little shopping, and dinner!
 The first day Shawn hiked to Lover's Beach with the boys...I didn't know that they were going or I would have gone!  All week I had been begging everyone to go with me.  Finally on our last day Julie took us in the morning before it got to hot.  It was a nice little hike...nothing too hard (Jenn).
 It was well worth the hike, so beautiful!
 Pretty rocks!
Shawn and I had such a fun vacation, and are so glad that we went to Cabo with the Sarchet's!  They were so nice and took great care of us.  Before we left for vacation we were able to go in for a 7 week ultrasound and see the heart beat.  It was very reassuring for us, and we were able to relax during the vacation. While we were there I felt great!  It was the perfect place to be, and great timing.  When we got home I got pretty sick for a few days, and couldn't keep anything down.  I'm so glad that it happened after Mexico(: 

It was so great to take a little "Baby Moon" and also it was perfect timing for our 4th anniversary!