Friday, February 4, 2011

Random January

I have a bunch of random pictures from January that I don't know what to do with...

My first batch of vegan cookies! They turned out so yummy...we tested them out on our families and no one could tell they were vegan (I even used egg replacements).We went ice skating with Suz & Paul ...
I will be so sad when she doesn't let me do her hair anymore!
Raylene & LaDonna...these are my 2 favorite people at work. They are such awesome girls...Ray is the best single mom I know (seriously the best) and LaDonna is my work mom. She is always there to give me good advice...and to tell me that I need to see a counselor about my "ocd". Love them!
Kal is obsessed with Maggie, and Maggs loves her too!
I found these babies a few weeks ago at Smiths. I have had probably 4 bags since then. I love love love them!
I don't know why she loves to get in Maggie's kennel?
Kevin & Spencer decided to bring a puppy home one day. My parents are not so happy about it. He is only aloud in the basement. His name is Ninja. He is pretty dang cute!!! Bad news...Maggie is so afraid of him.
Shawn and I tried out Korean food the other day. It wasn't so bad. It seemed pretty healthy too.
Kind of scary looking though...
Last Sunday we were at Shawn's parents for dinner. Stacey said "who's stinky?" then Pres put her hand in her diaper and pulled out some nastiness. It was so gross but so so funny!


  1. Korean food is goooood I felt like I needed a tutorial my first time because I had no clue what I was doing hahaha and the people didnt speak English of course. Ninja is sooooooooooo cute Omgoodness. Your braid-job on the lil girl is gangster lol luvit

  2. Those cookies made my mouth water! And WOW you braided that little girls hair! It looks amazing! And I have to apologize for being a bad friend and not seeing you when I was in Utah. It was a quick trip and we ended up leaving early the last week due to the bad weather. :( Next time I come to Utah, I promise to come see you!