Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nickle-Mania & Sleepover

Friday night we had Payson and Talan come over for a sleepover. I dropped the boys off at Shawn's futsal practice. They said they had lots of fun playing futsal with Shawn.

After futsal we met Chris & Kallie at Nickle-mania.

I sure love this little girl!
Kallie loves hanging out with her cousins!
Later we rented "Diary of a whimpy kid" and made the kids a big bed in front of the tv. We all stayed up way past our bedtimes and slept in the next morning. We woke up and took the boys to Payson's Junior Jazz game. We always have fun with these boys!

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  1. Have I told you that your a much better blogger than I am...I pledge you to be my blogger...PLLLEAASE!
    thanks for the movie updates...maybe I'll go see what is on demand now!